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What is “The Fun Theory” ?!

By Onthatpage

What is “The Fun Theory” ?!

Hellow Fellow Readers! Are you pissed of when you see people behaving the wrong way? submerging the place where you live in a state of anarchy? This is a good way to change that.. to push the people into making the things better for the community.. and the best of all.. it is FUN! Come and see what are we talking about!

Volkswagen are supporting an initiative that according to its own website is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.

According to this philosophy, Volkswagen working together with an ad agency called DDB Stockholm, first they have lauch a couple of publicity adds, but the last one, was a contest to see what ideas has the people, specially to help the planet, making it a little greener and a little more pleasant.. here are some of them !

[Click here to watch the Stairs Piano video]


It’s impressive how just to put something different and interactive in a common thing like is a stair, can make the difference in the people behavior, lets see another example of this so-called “Fun Theory”


[Click here to watch the garbage bin video]


This is something that could work, because most of the people think that if the rubbish falls down very close to the trash bin, is the same as if it gets inside it, but is NOT! If you are one of those people, go and ask the man who pick-up the garbage to see if is the same, of course not, you are making his job difficult in first instance, making the place where the bin is with bad smell all the time, looking dirty and unpleasant for other people to come and trow their garbage. The small and insignificant reward of curiosity, push people to put the rubbish on its place. Let’s watch the last example, the next video is the winner of the competition.. Enjoy!


[Click here to watch the Speed Camera video]


Just with a little game, the people reduce and fit to the speed limit, knowing that they maybe will earn some money just to behave correctly.. isn’t that great?!! I am getting paid just for behaving the way i should be!


All this 3 videos made come to my head one thing…   Ivan Pavlov’s conditioned reflex! Training dogs from the positive reinforcement perspective, is not different that was doing here…   — ok do you mean that THIS people on the videos have been trained like dogs?!!! —    Yeah something like that, but in a very subtle way. If you pay attention, what is rewarded is find to out what is that.. curiosity.. nothing else!

If use the stairs what happen? what is this people doing? Heyyyy.. i wanna do that too!! Its FUN :D !!

What was that sound? why that woman over there is staring at the garbage bin? that little R2-D2 is making that noise ?! What is that? OH she trow a can.. and sounds like…  a cartoon! is going dooooown dooown.. HEYY.. let me try that too !! Looks FUN ! :D

Lets analyze the trash bin example just a little. Do you see? people is attracted just to see that something could be fun! what would happened if ALL the trash bins has different sounds? inducing more curiosity and making somebody impatient just to hear what sound this trash bin is gonna make?! Maybe nobody will ever put papers on the floor when walking around, just to have fun throwing them at the bins. When somebody has heard all the sounds on the park, the training has made it’s effects. He or She is already conditioned to trow the garbage on the bins and not on the floors, although the price of hearing some fun stuff that comes out of the bins is not that exciting as the first times.


Maybe this simple ideas can change little bad behaviors that some societies have in terms of treating with other persons on the common life. The challenge is to develop this ideas to correct difficult behaviors like keep your position in a line, don’t take advantage of other people, etc.


What is “The Fun Theory” ?!


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