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What Is The Best Thing To Do When Your Dog Ate Plastic Bag?

By Junefrazier

Dogs are fond of learning about everything they see but when their curiosity gets over the top, it becomes uncontrollable. Whether it is a new toy, a delicious treat or any foreign object along their way, they wouldn't mind taking a bite of it!

Such behavior is very common among dogs and your four-legged pal must have done something like this a lot of times. Although you try hard to keep an eye on your dog all the time, he might still end up eating something he shouldn't have - something inedible like plastic bag!

Has your dog ingested a plastic bag? If it has, what is the best thing that you can do? What precautions do you heed to prevent such incident from happening again?

Observe Your Dog

In general, any object that is made of plastic could be a risk on your dog's health once it is ingested. However, results could alter depending on how much or what type of plastic object he has eaten.

It could be a piece of grocery bag, a plastic chewy toy or perhaps, a button!

In some ways, your furry pal can just let it pass through the intestine without any trouble. But if certain plastic objects, particularly the ones with sharp or jaggy edges like a piece of a plastic bottle, can likely wound your dog's digestive tract or cause other complications.

A plastic bag, however, may not be as sharp as the other plastic objects. But if an immense amount is taken, it can be a problem to your dog's digestive system.

The First Thing You Can Do

If with such incident your dog experiences discomfort, you can give him first aid. You can provide quick remedies lest further health risks from happening.

1. Feed Him Pumpkin Puree To Soothe His Stomach

Pumpkins have been a great aid for any digestive problems. So if your dog is having a hard time defecating or has diarrhea, you can feed him Nummy Tum Tum Pure Pumpkin, which is specialized for pets. It can normalize his bowels and thus ease abdominal discomfort.

You can also try mixing Diggin Your Dog Firm Up Pumpkin Supplement into his food to help him firm up his poop, especially if he's experiencing diarrhea.

2. Try Feeding Him With Yogurt

Yogurt is also an approved people food that can be given to your dog. It contains protein and calcium which is good for your dog's health. Yogurts can act as a probiotic that can aid your dog's digestive system thus relieve any discomfort.

There are a lot of yogurts available in the supermarket but opt for the ones that don't contain artificial sweeteners or added sugars.

Greek yogurts have also been put to question since it is a dairy product. Despite the reduced lactose, it does not guarantee relief on your dog's stomach but rather digestive problems.

Dogs are known to be lactose intolerant and giving your furry pal Greek yogurt is not advisable. You cannot give this as a treat for your dog unless it goes well with his stomach and only in small portions.

3. Induce Your Dog To Vomit

Another quick remedy to try is inducing your dog to vomit. If you suspected him to have eaten something he shouldn't have, allowing him to vomit can prevent him from fully ingesting the foreign object. You can save your furry pal in a nick of time!

However, you cannot take this procedure unless you have the proper supplies for it. This isn't a trial-and-error where you can try any substance that you think can induce vomiting in your dog. A supervision from your vet is also a MUST.

You cannot proceed with this step without calling your vet and let him know about the incident.

Once the vet knows about the situation, he will tell you if inducing your dog to vomit is necessary. If it is, he may provide further instructions such as giving your dog Hydrogen Peroxide. As a rule of thumb, a teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide per 10 pounds or 4.5 kg is given.

You can also try STAT Syringe First-Aid Kit to induce vomiting in your dog. Then again, call your vet for professional supervision.

    : The quick remedies mentioned above are only suggestions and do not wish to take the place of your vet's medications, treatment options and general advice.


Still wondering what ways you can do when your dog ate plastic bag? Here are some things you can try:

  • Observe your dog and check for some unusual changes in his behavior or habit.
  • Give your dog first aid. You can try feeding him pumpkin or yogurt.
  • You can also induce him to vomit if necessary and only with a vet's supervision.

Therefore, what is the best thing to do when your dog ate plastic bag?

Trying out these suggestions are just secondary. However, the best thing to do is to take your dog to the vet. Although plastic bags are not as dangerous as what other foreign objects are, it can still be a health risk if too much is ingested.

Hence, it is always wise to take a professional advice from the vet to know what you should do and if certain medications are necessary. Moreover, you can provide some quick remedies when such incident happens. The suggestions mentioned above can help ease your dog's discomfort for the meantime.

Do you have further questions or any experiences you'd like to share? Let us know! Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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