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What is Mine is Mine and What's Yours is Mine

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Haredi leadership  regularly complains about cities, or neighborhoods, that try to block out people from the Haredi community from buying apartments or homes in the area. Even a theoretical statement made by a mayor or city councilman about not building projects for haredim so as not to turn their town into another Bet Shemesh brings out the wrath of the Haredi leadership and screaming about discrimination.
Just two weeks ago it was in the news that the Aliza Bloch administration is working with the Ministry of Housing to come up with a solution for Haredim who won purchase rights for subsidized apartments in RBS E (Hei), which is supposed to be designed for a general public and not for a Haredi atmosphere and lifestyle, who prefer to switch their purchase rights to RBS D (Daled) instead. It was said that anyone who wishes to can keep their apartment in Hei, just be aware the neighborhood will not be redesigned, and it is designed for the general public. Those who want to switch might be able to. That simple statement, not throwing anyone out but offering a solution for those who want one so they dont have to live in an area not designed with their needs in mind, got many people angry. People were upset that Aliza Bloch is discriminating, Aliza Bloch wants to lock out Haredim, etc. 
It was just a simple offer of a solution. Nobody was telling anyone where they can or cant buy, but the appearance of Haredim being told to switch neighborhoods upset so many people.
The mayor of Kiryat Gat recently said he will not build projects of Haredi housing so as not to turn the city into another Bet Shemesh. This has been repeated in cities around the country. And every time it happens, the Haredi community and its leadership get upset, demand the statement be recanted, demand legislation to let the Haredi community move to these cities, etc.
Yet then we have this letter put out today by local rabbonim regarding the RBS C2 (Gimmel 2) neighborhood:
What is mine is mine and what's yours is mine
The letter, signed by a group of rabbonim, calls on homeowners and real estate agents to only rent out or sell their apartments to people who are God fearing, as it says in Shulchan Aruch.  Commercial properties as well should only be rented out or sold to businesses that will adhere to the needs  of the community and to follow the rules of halacha. They also plan to appoint a committee of people to take care of the needs and atmosphere of the neighborhood...
So, we demand you let us live in your neighborhoods and cities, but we will not let you live in our neighborhoods and cities. The train goes in both directions. I am fine if you want to live in a secluded neighborhood with nobody else, but then stop demanding others let you in to their areas. I am also fine if you want to live mixed with everyone else, but then stop locking others out of your neighborhoods.
As it says in Pirkei Avos, one who says What is mine is mine and what's yours is mine is considered wicked.
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