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What is Lizzie Borden Took an Ax Really About?

By Newguy

Lizzie Borden takes an Ax is next up for spoiler review, you have been warned.logo

Lizzie Borden is one of the most famous murder cases in American history because it never got solved.


Lizzie talks about a family having a new carriage well the new car joke in 1892 seems slightly out of place.

new car

Lizzie wants to become independent woman showing that she was thinking way before men and women were treated the same.


Stepmother doesn’t see eye to eye with step daughter cliché.


Suspect finds the body cliché.


Lizzie gets questioned and acts differently to what normal people would after the death of loved ones.


Random lawyer turns up from deceased parents past to save the day.


District Attorney ends up setting sights on Lizzie as the suspect showing he knows more than all the other officers on the case without seeing any evidence.


Lizzie burns her dress making her look guilty of covering up evidence.


Court case follows with two lawyers trying to prove each side of the story cliché.

lawyer 2

Court case offers twists and turns that we haven’t already seen in the film.


Christina Ricci pretty much plays a grown up Wednesday Addams all of 20 years later.


Nursery Rhythm about Lizzie Borden inspires A Nightmare On Elm Street creepy rhythm.

eelm street

Wait there wasn’t something supernatural about what happened in these murders? I could have sworn I read that the theory was she got possessed.


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