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What is LIFE?

By Saleyourbooks Com
What is LIFE?

If someone asks you, "What is life?" What will you answer. Millions of people living on this planet have their own definition of life. For some, it is a dream, for some life is to be happy always, foe some life is a struggle. But in today's time, we are not living our lives the way we want, we try to live upto the expectations and timelines of others instead of living to ourselves. A very famous dialog of the hindi movie 3 idiots, "life is a race, agar tez nahi bhagoge to baaki log tumhe dhakka dekar aage nikal jaenge". But, do you really think life is all about race, why should we live our lives to win the race. Life is a beautiful journey, we travel through the mountains and valleys, we should travel through ups and downs of our life.

We get afraid if we take the wrong turn then we will not be able to come back, but its not true. It doesn’t matter how far we have gone on the wrong road we can still take the U-turn. Life is all about both success and failure. Time does not remains same always. We will be able to live a satisfied and happy life only when we understand the true meaning of failure.

The notion of perfectionist lies only in books. No one is perfectly perfect and no one is perfectly imperfect. Each individual have some qualities, some imperfections, their own likes and their own dislikes. Its not bad to listen to others, we should always be a good listener, but we should not live our life the way others want. If we are not happy, we will never be able to make the world around us happy.
We should be smart enough to holding on, but be brave enough to let go the things. Life is not about finding yourself, but life is about creating yourself. So create yourself in such a way that no one can take your happiness away from you.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us -- Buddha

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