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What is Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI Really About?

By Newguy

What is Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives really about?logo

Tommy being played by his third actor in three films, really the second guy didn’t want to come back because his career went places I guess.


Didn’t the last film end with Tommy killing the Assistant director of the institute? Well I guess this got forgotten easily,


Digging up grave for therapy, always helps,

grave digging

Jason gets Frankenstein treatment thanks to lightning.


Mortal Kombat kill.


I got my Mask back, killing time.

jason mask

Police don’t listen to frantic person cliché.

police not listen

A sensible camp counselor stops car trying to drive away calmly from Jason, still die.

bad ideas

Teenager counsellors that have to have a connection to the Sheriff.


Rebranding Camp Crystal Lake idea


The Kids actually go to the camp

Paint ball domestic


OOOOOOOO MACHETE, Jason is almost complete.


Carry on Paint balling, well that is what it feels like.

carry on

Jason flies out of trees now, well now they are all fucked.


Drunk graveyard grounds keeper cliché.


Don’t come back to my town cliché

dont come back

Jason says no to littering by recycling a bottle as a weapon.


We ran Jason walked, he got to the bike before us, serial killers redefining physics


Red neck booty call interrupted by Jason pulling the power out.

booty call

Kill the driver way to go Jason, well shit he still stands tall.

kill driver

Happy Friday the 13th card message.

happy friday the 113th

Jason actually smart enough to cut the power.

smart enough

Jason watch The exorcist and tries the old spinning neck trick on one of the counsellors, guess he will need to find another one now.

neck twist

Car chasing down daughter because Jason needs more time to kill the supporting cast.

car chase pinless

Bloody machete is just a prank in the middle of the night and you call yourself counselor and able to look after kids.

bloody machete

Finally the Sheriff believes that Jason could be real.

got it

Here’s Jason, wait that’s not right

here johnny

Jason plays a game of I won’t kill the kids because that would be too easy but I will stare through their window while they sleep.

you cant see me

Well that scream won’t wake up the kids will it better smash a window too.


Deputy gets tricked by that, what hope does this town have?

fell for it

Jason kills all the cops with ease because we need Tommy to save the day and kill Jason again.

easy kiill

Perfectly placed head for extra scare, and there is no way Jason could have put that there.

how did it get ther

New meaning to fold you like an accordion.


Bitch doesn’t listen.


Well that was a bad plan.

bad plan

Tommy is dead, now what?

he is dead

Eat this Jason boat propeller to the face.


Tommy isn’t dead the kids are happy.

hes not dead

Its over cliché, wait there are still another 5 more sequels, they lied.


This went on too long.

to long

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