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What Is Inbound Marketing [infographic]

Posted on the 24 September 2012 by Cr8inc @CR8inc

Why inbound marketing is a better choice than more traditional outbound (interruption) marketing methods. 

There is change afoot. The way people buy and make buying decisions is totaly being transformed. It is no longer about spending more money than the competition in order to reach a larger audience and sell more products. With the proliferatoin of mobile marketing strategies the consumer is now more empowered than ever. They dont want to be sold or interrupted with deals and product announcements. So what is a marketer to do in order to make sure that their message is being heard and having the greatest impact on any potential audience? Get your inbound marketing on, thats what! 

The infographic below shows you what inbound marketing is all about, how it can help your business and why you need it. Marketing in general is usually piece-meal strategy for most small companies and bringing it all together sounds good on paper but becomes more dificult in practice. CR8inc offers a number of outsourced marketing solutions to help you manage your marketing as well as implementing a marketing automation software like HubSpot Marketing Software. It's not a cheap solution but your not a cheap company. You build value in your product and the decision becomes a no brainer when you realize the power of actually engaging your audience as well as having the ability to track all of your marketing efforts from one place. 

Don't be the guy who waits and then has to scramble to try and pull all of your marketing efforts together down the road. Let the power of Inbound Marketing take your business to the next level today. 

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Change the way your company communicates and get your free inbound marketing assessment today. 


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