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What is ‘ I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer’ Really About?

By Newguy

What is ‘I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer’ Really Aboutalways

As always this is just for fun.

This is 9 years after the last film so this is just a basic cash in that should be called ‘I Know What You Did 10 Summers Ago’.

No returning cast members which should mean a new story, I hope.


Now the killer is an urban legend that teenagers see as a comical idea.


Douchebag boyfriend cliché.


Kids play a prank ending in tragedy and new pact not to talk about what happened last summer.


One year later our lead Amber is basically the new Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who wanted to tell the truth but is still haunted by what happened.


Your dumped, harsh but college age a reality.


Also Home Alone on anniversary of good friend’s death.

home alone

50 text messages reading ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ slightly over the top one thinks.

50 texts

All 4 friends are no longer friends one year after finishing school.

no longer friends

I know who the killer is already, well I have strong feelings it is this person.


Pretty cool message given to lifeguard that slowly dissolves.

col trick

Bike vandalising.


Lift attack but no follow through, why? The killer could have had her with her having nowhere to run, just kill the kill her get it over, why do you need to keep stalking her.

do it

One down, no fight was this a worthy death NO.

one down

Origami stalker.


Dream sequence, Freddy style.


Attacked in the Achilles


Let’s just leave town, good idea


Next morning, I can’t leave

changed mind

Today is our Independence Day, wait wrong movie.

inde day

Final showdown takes place in city festival.


We are safe, no we’re not cliché.


I was wrong the prime suspect isn’t who I thought it would be.


I am Hooked watching this, it is to do with how next victim is killed,


Women drivers.

women drivers

Wait the killer is actually supernatural now, what is this bullshit?


Supernatural killer gets mortally killed, how do you get this so wrong?

bulshit 2

One year later surprise ending.


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