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What is Hell Like? By Jim Solouki

By Samoluexpress @Oluwasegunsomef


What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Hell is a real place created by God to torment His enemies for all eternity.

Greetings True Christians.

Today I want to warn you about the horrors of Hell. The heathens deny the existence of Hell, and go round fornicating, fighting against Jesus, and fiddling about in sin as if they will not face punishment for their evil ways. However, these people are sadly mistaken. There is a Hell, and they are headed there. Know who else is going to Hell? Darwinists, liberal “Christians”, Jews, Muslims, and all who die unsaved. The only way to Heaven is through Jesus. You must be saved, or Hell will be your fate. What exactly is Hell like? Let me describe it for you.

Hell is a barbecue where the main course is you. The Bible tells us the following about Hell. First, punishment in Hell is everlasting. Hell is a lake of fire who’s inhabit’s “worms shall not die.” Hell is a place of eternal torment. Hell is a place where the unsaved are tortured forever. Hell is a place where God has no presence. Hell is where the souls who have turned away from the Truth of Jesus the Christ are placed as punishment. God has no presence there, and so the demons in Hell, those servants of Satan, do as they please. They love nothing more than to torture humans. Why? Because they hate God, and humans are made in God’s image.

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Hell lasts forever. The torment is real, and so is the eternity of it.


What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Hell is a place of eternal torment and suffering.


What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

There is no water to quench your thirst in Hell.

Why does there have to be a Hell? The answer is simple. In ancient times, likely before the creation of the universe, Lucifer and his allies rebelled against God. God was not amused, and created a place of eternal torment just for them. Why did the rebellion happen? These fallen angels were jealous of God. But surely, God could have stopped them from rebelling, you might say. Of course God could have, God can do anything. However, God created these beings with free will, just as he has created you and I with free will. Unlike mankind, which didn’t initally know right from wrong, the angels did. They partook in the tree of knowledge, and their knowledge is what led them to challenge God. They felt that they were greater than God. That is why Satan worked hard to convince Eve to eat the apple in Eden. Because the human world was God’s second creation, and an attempt by God to fix his Creation. Is there a divine plan for the universe? Of course. That’s why Jesus came to Earth…to put us back on the right path and to help us overcome the influence of Lucifer the evil one. Why did Christ have to be crucified? Christ was crucified to conquer death. Death entered the world through the actions of Lucifer, the dark angel also known as Satan. Jesus overcame death and Satan’s influence by rising from the dead. Through Christ, we die but once. Separated from Christ, we die and spend an eternity in Hell.

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Jesus is the only way to Heaven!

Why would a loving God send people to Hell though? The answer is quite simple actually. Think of Heaven as God’s house. Would you let someone that you have never met stay in your home? Of course not. They can’t be trusted, and in fact, they might steal your stuff. Would you let your enemy into your home? Of course not! They’d destroy everything you own. You would only let your friends and family stay in your home, and rightly so. To enter God’s house, we must know God. We come to know God through Jesus. We come to know Jesus by following Jesus’ teachings and through prayer. The only way to Heaven is to be born again in Christ. Anything else will send you straight to Hell forever. God loves us, and that’s why Christ was sent to Earth for our salvation. However, God has also given us freedom. We can choose to accept or reject salvation. I would suggest that you accept it. However, it saddens me to say this but it is true, the Holy Spirit has told me that many who read this post will ultimately not heed my warnings and will be cast into Hell. Don’t be one of them. Repent and embrace Jesus.

Don’t believe Hell is that bad? Here’s what 8 minutes in Hell is like:


If you don’t want to go there, I highly suggest that you get yourself saved. Now. How do you become saved? You accept Jesus the Christ as your savior and change your life to follow Him. Reject secularism, humanism, atheism, sexuality, heathenism, satanism, communism, Darwinism, and other sinful practices. Reject wealth and help the poor instead. Reject the evils of modernity such as gay marriage and abortion. Embrace a simple faith in Jesus and live as His disciple. The Holy Bible is the only thing you need. Money might make you comfortable on Earth, but it will surely seal your fate in Hell. Fame may make you happy on Earth, but the temptations and vices that come with it lead many to Hell. If your right hand causes you to sin, chop it off! It is better to enter heaven missing a hand than it is to spend eternity in Hell! What kinds of people go to Hell? Here is a list of some common offenses that many souls are sent to Hell for:

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

belief in Darwinism
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

listening to Rock and Roll
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

viewing pornography
sexual fantasies
not properly accepting Jesus
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Man on dog
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

watching unholy films
reading unholy books and articles
denying the Truth of the Bible
failing to follow the rules laid down for our behavior in the Bible
anal sex
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

supporting the ACLU
Voting for demoncrats
performing a gay marriage
being a partner in a gay marriag
attending a gay marriage
failing to condemn a gay marriage as ungodly
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

lack of faith
failure to be born again in Christ.

How do I get to heaven? You must be born again. Change your life immediately and embrace Jesus as your savior! Reject sin! Reject sin and the culture of death! Instead, accept Jesus and the promise of eternal life in Paradise! Heaven is a nice place, but you must be born again in Jesus to get there!

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

The road to heaven is a hard road indeed. Many have fallen into Hell along the way. Let us consider those souls who are now in Hell, and reflect on a few of the most well-known. I’ll also explain why they are in Hell. Here’s a very, very limited list of souls guaranteed to be in Hell as we speak:

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Pope John Paul II and all deceased Popes, for being Catholic.
Mother Theresa, for being Catholic.
Adolf Hitler, for atrocities committed as Fuhrer.
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Charles Darwin, for his ungodly idea.
Carl Sagan, for atheism, Darwinism, and drug use.
Jimi Hendrix, for rock and roll and drug use.
Jim Morrison, for rock and roll, drug use, and alcohol

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

The Whore of Babylon!

Marilyn Monroe, for being a whore of Babylon
Osama bin Laden, for being a Muslim
Saddam Hussein, for being a Muslim

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Muhammad, for founding Islam
Freddie Mercury, for sodomy and homosexuality
Buddha, for founding Buddhism
Judas Iscariot, for betraying Jesus
Richard Feynman, for Darwinism, fornication, and adultery
Richard Nixon, for being a terrible human being.
What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

Anne Frank, for dying unsaved.
Helen Keller, also for dying unsaved.
Joseph Smith, for founding the Mormon cult.
Josef Stalin, for being a Communism
Brigham Young, for supporting the Mormon cult.
John Lennon, for imagining no religion.
And if you don’t repent and embrace Jesus as your savior,

What is Hell like? By Jim Solouki

YOU! Accept Jesus or burn in Hell!

Accept Jesus or go to Hell. The choice is yours. It’s never too late to repent. In fact, Christopher Hitchens repented on his deathbed and is in heaven as we speak! However, if you die in sin and fail to repent, you will be cast into the depths of Hell. Make the right choice. Choose Jesus.


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