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What is Dog Stereotypy?

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
dog stereotypy

Commonly known as stereotypy, a dog that displays obsessive behavior does so because the habit has become ingrained – a good example of this is a zoo animal pacing or rocking backwards and forwards.

Causes of stereotypical behavior include:

  • being in a regularly frightening situation (like in an abusive environment)
  • frustration
  • anticipation (at feeding or exercise time)
  • mismatch between the surroundings and the dog
  • environment imperfection where something is required and not received
  • dog misunderstanding what is required of him
  • isolation


This gives them something to do and some kind of comfort. In dogs, an example of stereotypical behavior is chasing their tails, and they become oblivious to everything around them as they circle and spin. Sometimes they catch it and make it bleed, but the important part to them is the chase- even if their tail is amputated, they will continue to pursue the stump.


Providing a more stimulating environment and more games with toys can provide the dog with a more fulfilling life, negating the need for them to engage in obsessive behaviors.


Dogs who are sheltered for any length of time can start to experience stress related problems such as charging the front of the kennel, self-mutilation, spinning, barking, weight loss, etc. Mental stimulation in the form of training and learning can lower stress levels while maintaining and enhancing adoptability. – source

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