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What is CT Scan and What Are Its Benefits?

By Huntsends

CT scan or computed tomography is considered as one of the top 5 medical development in last 50 years. This technique has proven to be very useful in medical department. And its inventors were awarded the 1979 Nobel Prize in medicine. Here are the various benefits of CT scan enlisted below:

Determination of surgery: CT scan basically determines when and at what time surgery is necessary. It is very beneficial for the surgeons so that they do not do any kind of early or delay in patient's surgery which is very important for the health of patient. It reduces death risk as well.

Exploratory surgery: Another important benefit of CT scan is that it reduces the need of any kind of exploratory surgery. That can also be beneficial for patient's health.

Cancer treatment: Many people are highly mistaken. They think that only MRI i.e. magnetic resonance imaging technique can be used for cancer diagnosis and treatment. But they must know that not only MRI, but also CT scan can also be used for diagnosis of cancer and its treatment.

Length of hospitalization: Many people or patients feel burdened staying at the hospital for very long time. Nobody likes spending time in the hospital by the way. Hence, CT is very advantageous for patients who do not like to stay in hospital for long. Because it also has the ability to reduce the length of hospitalizations.

Guiding treatment: CT scan works as a guiding treatment for various common conditions like injury, cardiac arrest, or may be stroke. Isn't it interesting? Of Course it is. It is interesting and beneficial both.

Improving Patient placement: CT scan is very beneficial. It can also improve patient's placement into appropriate areas of care, such as intensive care unit. Patients can be easily scanned in an emergency room. So that doctors will easily and quickly be able to assess patient's conditions. They may perform emergency surgery to stop the bleeding.

Images for where to operate: Images captured by computed tomography technique also show the doctors exact location for where to operate. So that no mistakes be taken from doctor's side. And if they would not give this information, then it can cause various harm to the patients. In some cases patients may die as well. Hence, CT is crucial.

Medical Information: Unlike other scanning techniques CT scan provides medical information that are very different as compared to Ultrasound, MRI, SPECT,PET, etc,.

There are various centres for CT scan in Bangalore. And you can go to any of them because CT is crucial. If you don't have any knowledge about any good centre for CT scan in Bangalore, then you should go to the centre where your doctor suggests you. You can also ask for suggestions from your friends or acquaintances, if they had at any point of their life had gone through this tests because they will tell you their entire experience, and about that centre in detail with empathy and honesty. You can search for centres for CT scan in Bangalore online as well. Well it's up to you. Which centre you choose.

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