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What is a Beardstache?

By Attireclub @attireclub

What is a Beardstache?It's been only in recent years that men have started to become more creative with their facial hair. This is both a reflection of the fact that men are starting to catch on women's style and fashion but also the reflection of a growing industry of men's styling and grooming products.

The growth of interest in facial hair creativity can be seen in movements such as Movember and the increase of digital publications dedicated to men's beards and mustaches.

For many guys, their beards are a companion if you will and a reflection of their strength and good looks. Others wear them for practical or religious reasons, but, regardless of the reason why a guy sports a beard, almost all men who have facial hair want to make sure that it looks really great.

What is a Beardstache?

The beardstache is a style that has taken off a few years ago, circa 2014, which was also about the same time the beard and undercut combo started making waves. A beardstache can be described as having both a mustache and a beard, where the mustache is longer than the beard. This is something that is quite easy to achieve, you just need shave or trim your beard and let your mustache grow. However, a beardstache is quite hard to maintain. Because of its asymmetric nature, one must be very careful how they go about their beardstache, as this can look very messy very rapidly. This is why you should always keep the length of both your beard and mustache in check and to make sure to properly shape them. Be careful with clearly defining where your mustache begins and ends. Also, for best stylistic results, we recommend giving your beard a sharp shape around your neck, rather than letting it fade - this will give it a more polished look and will show that you pay attention to detail and that your look is intentional. The length and proportion between your mustache and beard is up to you, but you should always make sure it looks balanced and proportionate.

What is a Beardstache?
When it comes to maintaining your beardstache, while it is not mandatory for success, you can use a beard oil or another product of your choosing to make sure it will stay nice and healthy.

All in all, it can be said that the beardstache can make for a great look, even if it is associated by so many with the hipster trend.

In the end, who says you can't have both an impressive beard and an impressive mustache?

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