What If She Never Did?

Posted on the 14 January 2014 by Hailey Ray @typicalvix21

What if Eve had never bit the apple?What if we still lived in the Garden, with no knowledge if Evil or Sin?If Eve had never bit the apple life would be much different.We'd live in Paradise amongst the animalsNo Pain. No Evil. No sin.  Oh but how enticing the Tree of Life must of been.Forbidden Fruit taste so much sweeter,Or so we'd like to believe, Or so Satan whispers to us, as he whispered to eve...No one Knows how life would be If Eve never bit that Apple.If the Snake never told her sweet lies of what could be.If Adam never did the sameIf they had just listened to God.Obeyed his ONE RuleAnd remained in the Garden,In paradise.God Knows, but he knows everything else as well.He knew she would bite that apple.He knew the snake would slither his way into her thoughts.Clouding her mind.Making her want to Sin.He also see's you bite that apple.Every time you think a mean thought. Every time you tell a lie.Every time you Sin.God knows that were not perfect.He sees the snakes around us.He knows that sometimes we'll give in.So he Sacrificed his son for us.So that every time we do bite the Apple.We can be born again.#DBTAE

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