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What I Wore Wednesday

By Melissak


Happy Wednesday everyone.  You are halfway done with the week or maybe its your weekend already thanks to your work?  What ever the case might be its time for another what I wore Wednesday!

I have a hard time finding pants that look good on me, its all thanks to my mothers side of the family.  I inherited the shortness and no bum at all from them, sometimes I long to have inherited my dad’s tallness and beautiful green eyes, instead I got his giant ears….Thanks Dad.  Hey, its not all bad, my mom’s side of the family are known to age amazingly well.

Okay, okay enough about that.  The pants in this what I wore Wednesday was a great find for me, you know that moment you go try on a pair a pants and they just work.  That’s what these do, also check out my ankles, if this was Victorian times, I would be exiled for indecent exposure!


Fringed Kimono.  Similar here

Black Skinny Jeans.  Similar here

Red Bowlers Hat. Similar here.

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