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What I Wore: Tory Burch Vote T’Shirt

By Firstladyb

I thought we would never hear the words: "President Elect Joe Biden and Madam VP Kamala Harris!

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd through Saturday Nov. 7th seemed like an eternity. I literally had major anxiety leading up to the election (ya'll remember what happened in 2016) and probably slept a combined 8 hours from election day until they announced that Biden would be our 46th President of the United States of America.

This election hit different for me.

The lack of respect for women has had me sick in the stomach and for the first time I found myself having keyboard arguments with the President on Twitter. I've always lived by the rule of not engaging negativity/foolery on social media, but because I'm a strong advocate for women's rights, I had to let Trump have it whenever I had time( kind of like President Obama did when he hit the campaign trail for Biden..it was epic shade daily and I was here for it!)

Tory Burch Vote T'Shirt

My "Get Out The Vote" efforts were centered around the woman vote, because I knew that if we were going to get Trump out the White House, women had to vote him out. So, I first ordered my "VOTE" T' Shirt from my fav designer Tory Burch, who is all about empowering women and I went to work.

What I Wore: Tory Burch Vote T’ShirtWhat I Wore: Tory Burch Vote T’Shirt

One of the things I love about Tory and why she's my favorite is...items like her VOTE T'Shirt are fashionable with a purpose.

100% of the limited edition t'shirt sales benefit I Am A Voter- a nonpartisan initiative that aims to increase voter participation nationwide. Also, it was created to urge all Americans to actively participate in our democracy.

What I Wore: Tory Burch Vote T’ShirtWhat I Wore: Tory Burch Vote T’Shirt

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