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What I Wear When Travelling Long Haul

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

What I Wear When Travelling Long Haul

an old photo of me in my harem pants

I'm currently writing this sitting in Tullamarine airport waiting to boad my flight to LA and looking around the airport I'm noticing lots of different clothes that people choose to wear on long-haul flights.
There are a few men in business suits (which must get uncomfortable on 15 hour flights), quite a few pairs of jeans (which I find uncomfortable as they start to bind after a few hours of sitting down the back of the plane in a tiny seat with no legroom), and plenty of tracksuits.
So what do I wear?
I find that my harem pants are really comfortable, but more stylish than a tracksuit, a t-shirt, cardigan and scarf do the trick for me.  I tend to wear all black apart from my scarf which is magenta, as I'm prone to spilling my drink all over me during turbulence, so at least that way I don't look quite so grotty when I step off the plane at the other end.
I'm also wearing my flight socks to ensure that I don't get DVT.  Plus on my feet are a pair of black ballet flats, don't want to be walking for miles through airports in heels!

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