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What I’m Packing For The Las Vegas Half Marathon

By Kselz @TennisFixation

What I’m Packing For The Las Vegas Half MarathonI am all packed up and leaving today for the 2012 Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon, the first of the three marathons I’m signed up for.  I am only taking a carry-on bag so I had to pack very carefully and take only the essentials.  If you don’t already know, I love Las Vegas and usually take along several short dresses and strappy high heels to go out to shows and clubs. (Yes, I actually go to clubs.) (Even though most of my fellow club-goers are at least 25 years younger than me.) (At least.)  But since I needed to get my running gear in my carry-on bag and since I need a lot of running gear to stay happy, mini-dresses and stilettos had to go.

So what did I end up packing?  Well, besides a very small and creative wardrobe for gambling all day and going out all  night, here’s what my running gear looks like.  First up, the outfit I plan to wear while running:

What I’m Packing For The Las Vegas Half Marathon

This outfit consists of:

  1. NIKE%20DRI-FIT%20FEATHERLIGHT%20RUNNING%20CAP%20UNISEX%20(White)">Nike Dry-Fit hat that I wear for tennis
  2. Mizuno%20Lady%20Wave%20Creation%2013%20Running%20Shoes">Mizuno Wave Creation 13 Running Shoes – these are the running shoes that I am currently loving
  3. Long-sleeve t-shirt from the Turkey Trot I just ran and that I can throw away on the course if I get too hot (somehow I got two of these shirts so I don’t mind giving up one)
  4. Fila capri-length tights (I wear these for running and for tennis)
  5. Nike tennis skirt (this is the “in thing” now – to run in a skirt)
  6. Gap Body top with built-in bra (also good for running and for tennis)
  7. Hanes No-Nonsense socks – these are cheap and are NOT 100% cotton so they’re great for running
  8. Elvis%20Sunglasses">Elvis Sunglasses

Yes, that’s right, Elvis Sunglasses. Apparently, we will be trying to break the record for the most “running Elvi” in one race. Like you, I didn’t know that there was even such a record to break but if it’s broken, I will be part of it. And, because I know you want it, here’s a better shot of those Elvis Sunglasses.  Please note the attached sideburns:

What I’m Packing For The Las Vegas Half Marathon

As far as running gear that I will be taking, here’s a look at all of the paraphenalia it takes to get me through a race:

What I’m Packing For The Las Vegas Half Marathon

  1. Hammer%20Nutrition%20Endurolytes-%20Electrolyte%20Replacement%20Supplement-Dietary%20Supplement,%20120%20Count">Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte capsules – this is an electrolyte replacement supplement that I use instead of Gatorade or some other sports drink because those make me feel a little nauseous,  I’ll take 2 every 30 to 45 minutes
  2. Hammer%20Gel%2012%20Pack:%20Choose%20from%20a%20variety%20of%20gel%20flavors">Hammer Nutrition Gels – these are the “fuel” I’m using to get through the race, I’ll take 1 every 30 to 45 minutes
  3. Sports Watch – to time my run, I also have an app I use to time myself – RunKeeper – but it is not always accurate so I do both of these things (crazy, I know)
  4. Sony%20MDRJ10/LTPNK%20Clip%20Style%20Headphones%20(Pink)">Sony Headphones – I like these because they hook around your ears so they’re great for running
  5. Armband for iPhone – I listen to a running playlist and have the RunKeeper app going on my phone, RunKeeper alerts me every time I’ve completed a 1/2 mile
  6. FuelBelt%20NeopPocket">Fuelbelt Pouch – this is an extra pouch to hold the Endurolyte capsules, the gels and any keys, etc., I take along
  7. Fuelbelt Revenge Black 2 Bottle Belt – this is the belt I use for longer runs, this one is nice because its very adjustable, I carry water in the bottles so I can drink whenever I want and don’t have to worry about when I’ll get to the next water station

So that’s what I’ll be running in this weekend. I hope to take lots of photos to post here so, as always, stay tuned!


© Kim Selzman 2012 All Rights Reserved

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