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What I Love Everywhere

By Travelspot06 @travelspot06
I'm not really a sappy, lovey-dovey type person. And I think Valentine's Day is a bunch of commercialism. We should love each other Every Day! But I do like themes. And what better month for the theme I am about to show you but February! I apologize in advance for the subject.
First, remember these? I saw them in a few places while traveling. This one was in New York.
What I Love Everywhere
Excuse the blurry photo; it was dark and it was snowy and it was cold.  But you get the point. Love is, literally, everywhere.
There is love in food. 
What I Love Everywhere
There is love in man made things.
What I Love Everywhere
And there is love in nature.
What I Love Everywhere
Yes, that's a camel on the top right.
Where will we find it next? 

What I Love Everywhere

There it is!

Do you have a specific thing that you take photos of, over and over? Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

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