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What Happens When You Pay Two Monkeys Unequally?

By Inspirion @GoodMood20

What Happens When You Pay Two Monkeys Unequally?


Do animals have emotions and tend to show moral attributes that just humans have? Of course they do!

Just watch carefully at your pets, at their faces, tails, sounds that they make or excitement they show when they see you. But it doesn’t stop there, studies have shown that some animals even tend to react to injustice and show ”humanlike” moral characteristics.

Following video shows an interesting, funny but astonishingly amazing experiment. It was conducted between two intelligent and trained Capuchin monkeys,where monkey number one received a piece of cucumber as a reward for doing his task correctly while monkey number two received sweet juicy grape for performing the exact same task.

Will this injustice trigger any emotions in monkey number one? Let’s take a look…

Source: FransDeWaal-TedTalk

Emotions are the gifts of our ancestors. We have them and so do animals. No longer do we have to put words like happy or sad in quotation marks when we speak of animal emotions and animals’ inner lives. Take care of your pets, and love them, because they actually feel if you do so.

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What Happens When You Pay Two Monkeys Unequally?

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