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What Happens When You Leave Dad Home with the Kids? {ERs, Magnets, & X-Rays}

By Thibben @aspieadventures
What happens when you leave dad home with the kids? {ERs, Magnets, & X-Rays}   When mom heads out to get her hair done & run some errands that means I'm in charge! Man of the house, mister mom, head which-wayer, & lead idiot of the Hibben Tibe! In the past I may have had... we will call them "Parenting Fails" for lack of a better term. Jayden has Asperger's, let him play video games unmonitored for to long & he will pee on himself instead of stopping to get up to go to the restroom. Zion has anxiety & MRELD, sometimes he does things & we have no idea why! Sock in the oven & turn the oven on, check! Iron plugged in so it catches something on fire, check! (Yeah, all times when mom wasn't home & dad was in charge! Lets just say I've learned hard lessons over the years) Dean, the "Normal One"! if you can call a kid that came from my gene pool "Normal". As you can see from the photo to the left has had his own chapter added to the book of "Parenting Fails By Tom"
  Jayden got some large super magnets from the Oklahoma Science Museum when we went with his class. All three boys have played with them for a few months now with no problem! Well, the other day when mom left we officially had our problem. I could hear Deano throwing one of the magnets up against the door & laughing like crazy when it stuck. I had done the first round of dad parenting, meaning I yelled "Deano, stop throwing that magnet! Your going to break something!!" from the front room. Apparently after tossing it got to easy Deano got the bright idea that he should put it in his mouth & spit it to the door & let it stick. (No I didn't know he was doing it! I'm not that bad!) About that time he came running into the front room holding his throat yelling "I swallowed the magnet! I swallowed the magnet!!" A trip to the ER later we got our $900 bill worth of medical knowledge..."He'll Poop It Out!" Another lesson learned!

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