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What Happens to Unsold Nintendo 3DS Games?

By Boxmash

There’s loads of games in shops all across the world, but what happens to the ones that don’t get sold? Well, one person on the internet has revealed where they go in this picture. Take a look at this huge box of Nintendo 3DS game cartridges. They’ve never been sold, and now they need to be taken care of.

scrap DS carts

This box weighs 545kg, and is 121cm tall, 121cm wide, and 121cm deep. That’s a huge box, just imagine how many hundreds of games must be in there! According to the person who posted the picture, 75% of the cartridges are iCarly 2. The box is taken to a factory to be sorted. Some of the cartridge is recycled. If you look at a 3DS game you can see a small row of gold along the bottom. This is scraped off and recycled to make new things out of gold. Any other bits that can be recycled is also pulled out of the cartridge, and what is left is thrown away at a landfill site: a big dumping ground where rubbish is buried.

Dumping things in landfill sites is quite bad for the environment, but it’s good to see that some of the materials in the games are recycled and turned into new things. We should always try and recycle things.

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