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What Happened This Week

By Nancymccarroll
Best new recipe tried this week: Lemon Ice Box Cake  by 12Tomatoes to be served at RCIA tonight
What Happened this WeeksourceFinished Projects: A Line Vintage Dress (modified pattern) and Yard Clean Up ( trees, boxes, rose bush limbs) in time for city-wide trash pick up, likely today
What Happened this Weeksource is our front sidewalkFrustrations: Julie has been in bed two weeks; sewing machine tension is off, making sewing almost unacceptable; Julie does not keep her new phone charged
Successes: Julie was in wheelchair and playing cards in the manor activity room with only minor headaches Sunday and yesterday; Pfaff sewing machine taken to be fixed at the repair shop; went fishing today and we caught our limit of trout! Geese were present
What Happened this Week
What Happened this Week
Happiness Derived from Material Goods: New Merlot Leather Lazy Boy Recliner delivered yesterday so Gene and I now have Edith and Archie Bunker chairs
What Happened this Weeksource Blooming:  Iris in front
What Happened this Week
144 seeds planted on April : progress of sprouting as of April 14. half are up:
What Happened this Week
Electronic Update: The Fire was knocked off Julie's bedside table on Sunday night and is broken beyond repair; new phone for Julie is working (but hardly ever charged when I need to call her)
Trying to learn how to use Jack's Camera (macro lens):
What Happened this Weekactual size: a 50 cent piece Ollie the Owl: still here, seen most often at dawn and then again about 10 AM daily
Reading: Almost finished another Rosamund Pilcher's Winter Solstice, and Pain in the Tuchis

So what is up in your neck of the woods?

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