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What Glass Goes With What Drink? – Things You Probably Never Considered

By Meghashop @kumarisapna11

When we have a drink, how much thought actually goes into which glass you drink from? Not much, I’m guessing. Would you believe it if I told you that there is a lot of science involved in choosing the correct glass depending on the drink?Glass Goes With What DrinWell, there is. It is proven that the shape of the glass is a major factor in how the drink actually tastes. That means if the first time you tried awhitewine you found the taste not to your liking, you were probably sipping from a glass that was much too large and round – a beginner’s mistake.Wine GlassesIn order to drink white wine, the glass should have a small mouth area and surface area so as the drink does not oxidize too fast. This results in the white wine losing its distinct taste and becoming not very pleasant at all.Wine GlassesTo the untrained eye, a wine glass is a wine glass, but it simply isn’t so. If your wine glass is noticeably large, then that glass is intended for red wine. The larger surface area is intended for the drinker to swirl their drink around in order aerate the liquid, bringing its flavor to the fore. You wouldn’t do this with white wine on the account of the drinks lighter and more delicate nature.Champagne/Sparkling Wine GlassesSticking with the science that lighter drinks need less surface area, champagne and sparkling wine require even less surface area than white wine. LSA champagne flutes are the glass of choice for such drinks, as their small surface area reduces the sparkling drink’s bubbles, stopping it from going flat so quickly.Champagne/Sparkling Wine GlassesThe flute glass’s tall nature also lends itself to champagne cocktail mixes such as Prosecutor and Bellini, which are equally as popular as sparkling wine and champagne itself at parties. Hosts will do well to keep this in mind.Cocktail GlassesWhat party is complete with cocktails? Now, the most important thing to remember is that cocktails come in all shapes and sizes, as do the relevant glasses. It can be a bit tricky, but here is our rough guide to providing the correct glass for the cocktail.The ‘Traditional’ Cocktail Glass – This glass has a long stem and a mouth area that allows the drinker to get in close to the drink so as they can appreciate the aroma of the cocktail. Cocktails, such as martinis and cosmopolitans, are served without ice.Highball Glass – Similar to the champagne flute in the way that is has a long body, only without the stem, that is used to serve what a called ‘tall cocktails’. Ice is commonly served with the drink in the glass, along with a variety of non-alcoholic mixers. Gin & tonic, Bloody Mary and mojitos are served in these tumblers.Glass Goes With What DrinkLowball Glass – Commonly referred to as a whisky glass, this tumbler’s small body and thick base lenditself to holding between six and eight ounces of liquor. Drinks such as White Russian and Negronis are served in these small glasses.The Type of Glass Makes All the DifferenceIf you are hosting a get-together, make sure that you have the appropriate glasses for your drink. Nobody wants to be the person that somehow makes a cocktail unappetising because it was served wrong, plus using the correct glasses demonstrates that you are a good host.Make sure to do your research on the Types Of Glasses that are available in order to serve your drink correctly, tasting as intended.

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