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What Everyone Wants To Know About Show Line German Dogs

By Junefrazier

Are you planning to bring home another member of your furry family? A German Shepherd, perhaps? If you are, you may need some time to study and understand a few notes about German Shepherds.

You'd probably agree that their kind is one of the most popular breeds in the world that showcases a remarkable image of bravery and independence. And just like any other breeds, they also require an exceptional care and attention depending on their type.

Not everyone's aware that the German Shepherd you want to take home as a family pet is way different from the one that is bred to work. German Shepherds do not have one standard breed for all fields of work or service as some people may think. And if you're looking for a family pet or the one you can show off on dog shows, the Show Line German Dogs must be the most fitting for you.

But how much do you know about Show Line German Shepherd dogs? Is it really your perfect match?

What is a Show Line German Shepherd Dog?

Also known as "Sieger Lines" and "High Lines", Show Line German Shepherds are basically bred as loving and loyal family companions, for competitive tracking and obedience at dog shows, and as therapy companions or service dogs.

What makes them different from the other types of German Shepherds? If you haven't learned anything about them yet, here are some of the interesting facts and common characteristics of Show Line German Shepherd dogs you must know.

  • Typically, Show Line German Shepherds look almost the same to one another when it comes to their coat and structure. They exhibit broader heads, brawny builds, and heavier bones that make them look much larger than the American show line dogs.
  • They are also admired with their long plush coats that are in black and tan or black and red color. Not all types of German Shepherd acquire such color which leaves the Show Line German Shepherds with an exceptional physical characteristic or the signature color. They usually come out with a black saddle instead of the tan color.
  • German Show Lines are also recognized by their posture or body structure. You will notice a more curved or roached back and angled hindquarters. These are distinct traits of this particular line which is way different from the other types, such as working lines.
  • Since they are not bred to perform tasks or duties, show lines don't have as much energy as what working lines have.
  • If properly trained and raised by responsible and capable owners, show lines can be loving, loyal, and excellent family companions. They are also opted by most owners who seek for a dog who can perform on dog shows or in competitive obedience trials. They can be trained as therapy or service dogs as well.
  • If you want a German Shepherd that has the ability to participate in various fields of protection work such as rescue operations and military duties, Show Line German Shepherds are not the best choice. Although they are not bred to work, some breeders try and persevere to train their German show lines to have some working ability.
  • Show line German Shepherds are almost identical with American show lines. You could say that they differ just by an inch. Their physical characteristics such as the color and physique resemble one another. However, with regards to their health, show line German Shepherds seem to stand out more, although it still depends on every breeding kennel.

Considering all these interesting facts regarding the abilities, behavior, and physical traits, do you think a show line German Shepherd would be the best dog for you?

Working Line vs Show Line

If you're looking for another type that fully contrasts with some of the characteristics of the show lines, working line German Shepherd dogs would be your best bet. They showcase exceptional abilities that allow them to perform their duties as protection dogs.

But how do they differ from show lines? What are the distinct characteristics you should be aware of? It is indeed vital to understand the differences between these two lines if you have plans of taking one of them home.

To help you understand how each line differ from one another, you can refer to the chart below.

Is Show Line German Shepherd the Right Dog For You?

Taking a dog home is welcoming another member of your family. And if you are decided to look after a German Shepherd dog, it is always important to have a little background check. As what you have learned, they come in different lines where each is bred for a particular work or service.

Show line and Working line German Shepherd dogs stand out in their extraordinary characteristics that can be very suitable for those who seek for a loving and loyal furry companion. Show line German Shepherds are the most fitting for family pets while the Working lines are as protection dogs.

If you still can't make a choice between the two, it is best to evaluate yourself first about the standards you prefer, the lifestyle you have, and how much time you can provide to care for your furry pal. Letting yourself be familiar with their characteristics will also help you know if a Show Line GSD is the right one for you.

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