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"What Does December Look Like for You?"

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Jlipnack @jlipnack

Is there a good way to respond to this email that came this morning? I've got one. It's in the same vein as my responses to the telephone calls Jeff continues to get.

The email:


I hope this email finds you doing well.  My name is Jonathan XYZ, and I represent UNKNOWN REAL ESTATE COMPANY.  I am a commercial real estate advisor specializing in the central 128 Market.  My team helps groups like yours with market analysis, financial analysis, lease negotiation, early lease work, and many other helpful services.  

In any event, we would be happy to provide a market overview, and answer any questions relating to your organization’s particular real estate situation.  What does December look like for you?

The response I'd like to send.

Dear Jonathan:

I hope this email finds *you* doing well. My December? Well, kinda grim.

How about yours?

Oh, hell. I'll just send a link to this post.

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