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What Do You Look For In A Book Blog?

By Lizzi @lizzi_thom

As book bloggers and readers of book blogs, we all share a common interest and I’m sure we all look for pretty similar things when it comes to reading a blog – great content, an attractive site, and things that interest us on a personal level.

Today I am thinking about that last thing in particular. We all love books, but we all have different tastes, sometimes dramatically so. This can be in terms of genre and the types of stories we like, the type of writing we like, and the types of issues and themes that we not only like to read about but also like to write about and discuss with our fellow book-lovers.

The writing and the discussion are what we do as bloggers, and I personally adore it. But I want others to have fun too, especially when they are visiting my blog. So, I am carrying out this ‘survey’ (it’s not a formal survey) to find out what makes you, the readers, tick. What do you like and dislike?

What do you want to read about and see more of on These Little Words? What have I posted that you thought was great, or that you weren’t sure about? Do you have any advice or tips, as either a blogger or a reader (or both!)? I welcome criticism that is constructive, so I will not respond to anything that is just plain critical and mean. Book bloggers are a community and we need to stick together!

My reasons for asking these questions are varied. I want to produce a blog that successfully attracts readers consistently, to encourage discussion and further our interests. I am also always intrigued by the patterns of blog hits – sometimes it’s clear why I get high or low hits, but sometimes it seems a bit random, so I want to know what it is that makes you click. How did you first visit These Little Words? Was it via Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instgram, or something else? What did you think when you arrived? What made you visit again (if you did)?  If not, what would attract you back?

I really appreciate any feedback I get from this, and am very grateful to you for reading and responding. The thing about running a blog is that you want it to reflect you, and be your own little corner of the internet, but you also want it to appeal to other people and be a place they like to visit – and this can be tricky. Feedback, discussion and debate are endlessly useful, so thanks in advance if you respond.

I’d also love to hear about other blogs you visit and why – for reference, but also for recommendations.

Big cheers and yay for books and blogging!



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