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What Do Fashion Designers Wear? 2014 Welcome to My Walk-in! So...

By Lauramoodley

What Do Fashion Designers Wear? 2014

Welcome to my walk-in!

So Ive had some requests for this in the past and Ive been quite hesitant about it, as I do share my closet with my other half and its never very tidy, however as I was doing a spring clean i thought: “What the heck, go for it!”

Despite appearances, my closet is organised chaos. Only showing my half: 

*1. The bulk of the closet is taken up with shoes (what else?!) With a shoe stacker plus organised and labeled boxes for my Vivienne Westwood's & Dr Martins. I also have a scarf hanger which I created myself from an older wardrobe, which fell to pieces years ago due to the weight of my clothes! 

*2.My full length mirror (also salvaged from an old wardrobe!) is surrounded by bric-a-brac and accessories which I use for photoshoots and inspiration. Note also my Moodboard which I use for inspiration when I just “Have nothing to wear!” lol

*3.My obsession with lingerie has culminated in a 6 drawer unit with each drawer dedicated to (from bottom up) Swimwear, Corsets, Stockings & tights, Socks, Bottoms and Tops, each drawer bursting to the brim with prints, textures, colours and a verity of styles My Pajamas have even been demoted from here to the ottoman stool to the left. 

*4. My bags are also overflowing and now reside anywhere i can find a spot.

*5. Leaving the rest of my clothes organised into neatly folded piles of cardigans (my obsession!), trousers, skirts and tops with dresses and coats hanging on the rail. 

Not included are: my jacket collection, which hangs in the entrance of my flat and my accessories and jewelry which have their place outside the closet due to lack of space! Some of my own collections hang in my closet and are worn, but mostly live in storage.

So as you can see my obsession with clothes goes far beyond designing them. I make, buy & collect all kinds of fashion from vintage dresses to jeans & T-shirts with my own made to measure/designer pieces to my mom & grandmothers hand me downs from the 60s to the 80s. Its a big miss match of colours and styles which allow me to dress every day as I feel.

My favorite colours tend to include: Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Nude & Teal with rock or vintage glamour as my main style basics. For me dressing is like painting, I start with one inspiring piece and build on it, which Is why my boyfriend may just find himself without closet space soon enough! :p  lol

xoxo LLM

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