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What Did You Say?

By Joanigeltman @joanigeltman

Zits Cartoon for Jul/22/2013

Favorite teen stock answers:
  • I said I'll do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't have any homework!!!
  • It was fine!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm fine!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm busy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't know!!!
  • When I'm ready!!!!!!!
  • Nothing!!!!!!!!!
  • When I feel like it!!!
These are just a few that come to mind, I'm sure you have a million more you can add to that list. Please do in the comment section. Clearly answers like this are meant to do one thing, stop you from asking more questions!
You might get more satisfaction by starting with a statement rather than a question. Rather than asking how much homework do you have? You might say, wow, you brought a ton of books home tonight, you must have a ton of homework?
Rather than asking what are doing tonight? You might say, wow, the texts have been flying, there must be a lot of planning going on for tonight, what do people want to do?
Rather than asking, when are you going to bring your laundry up to your room? You might say, lot of beautiful, clean-smelling newly washed clothes sitting in the laundry room, just waiting to be brought up to your room, what you say, you go get it so you'll have something to wear tonight.
You still might get the same stock answer, but starting with a statement, keeps them from giving you a knee jerk reaction once they hear a sentence that starts with Who, what, where or how, and maybe you'll be surprised. 

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