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What Did I Learn Shopping Baby Bedding with a Friend?

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

What did I learn shopping baby bedding with a friend?One fine morning, my friend, who is expecting a baby, called and asked if I can help her in buying the baby bedding for her soon-to-be-born child. Of course, you can't say no when somebody wants to involve you in such trivial yet important matter of their life.

The final result was; we bought perfect baby bedding but the experience was quite something for me. Following are the three most significant aspects that I learned about buying baby bedding online;

There are so many baby bedding colors other than blue and pink

Being a not so experienced person, I always assume that shops that sell baby bedding and other baby things only have two colors; blue for boys and pink for girls. Even if they had options, it would be limited to a few colors only.

However, the reality is there are so many colors available in the baby bedding department that it was a bit overwhelming for me. Of course, we bought the baby bedding as per the nursery, which was already set up and decorated. Still, we had quite a debate over which shade of yellow to pick.

The material matters so much

There was one thing that I wasn't expecting to be a big deal but my friend was definitely obsessed with it. The material of baby bedding was so crucial. There are many angles to this consideration about the material. First of all, the fabric should be super soft as to not irritate the newborn's skin.

The fabric must not attract too many germs because there are certain materials that attract germs than others, so you have to figure it out and buy the right one.

The last point is obvious, the baby bedding shouldn't be too lacy or design oriented. Simpler design and material always work.

Online or a shopping mall: believe me, you want to figure it out

Often when you are shopping, this topic might not even come up. The place from where you shop is literally insignificant. However, it becomes a very important choice when you agree to shop with a pregnant lady.

You might not be surprised when I tell you that online shops are the best for baby bedding. The physical activity of roaming the shopping mall becomes so much of a task. Also, it is hard to ask the salesperson about different details of baby bedding, especially material. In the online world, you are not asking anyone about anything; it is always available to you.

Thankfully we stuck to online vendors and explored some really amazing online stores like for baby bedding.

What have been your experiences while shopping for newborn children? I would love to read some of your stories, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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