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What Comes First, the Free Or the Planet?

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
what comes first, the Free or the Planet?the answer to the question, "What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?" is, of course, The Dinosaur.
But that's not what we're here to discuss this fine post-snowfall morning in lovely sunny west Oxford.
No, we're here to discuss, "How can a Free Planet rise from the ashes of Economic Annihilation called Capitalism, Communism, Cartelism, like a phoenix or some other bird that might or might not preceeded by the contents of its egg-shell."
Seriously, that convoluted sentence just to say, "Free Planet is GO, GO, GO?"
Sorta, anyway, there are multiple reasons why Free Planet will never happen (and I do go into one possible scenario in excruciating and visceral detail in my forthcoming Free Planet Series novel #1 CUSTODIAN) and it's not just about the stink of human complacency and voting on dogma vs acting on instinct. In fact, for every possible chink of daylight, there's (suitably) a rather gray and ominous and refusenick cloud attempting to block the view of the most obvious fact this world chooses to ignore.
"And, why (how) do you know that Channel Mike?" well, logic dictates it, and I'm not a 'channel'. Channel's don't exist, in the same way that Spiritualism doesn't exist, in the same way that God (due to the hands off approach to humanity) technically doesn't exist. Sure, what these so-called seers, psychics and astral projectors do IS a bit perplexing when viewed against a backdrop of normality, but every magician's trick looks unbelievable from the audience's viewpoint. That's the function of Magic, to befuddle, to betray and bemuse those NOT IN THE GAME.
And I've referred to the GAME, as a realistic application of RISK methodology in various posts here on this blog. But there's a problem to even the most simplistic and basic of facts...
Free Planet would likely DESTROY OUR CONTEMPORARY MINDS, and this obviously isn't a good thing, and this is obviously one of the major reasons why we must never go there; but it's the only way it'd work. There'd be no escaping the fact that a complete and utter reversal of the last several thousand years of Empirism and Control of the People would seriously massacre what we consider as normality; as fake and worthless and futile as that normality is. In truth, only our children's children (brought up and educated in the cloudlike Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship where there are NO SECRETS) will be able to appreciate what we've achieved for them. Only they will see that 'this is how it had to be done' to restore our dignity among the Galactic Fellowship.
First stage: food, water and shelter for EVERYONE.
Second stage: technology freed from PATENT PRISON.
Third stage: Diversity, and that's a massive topic...
Imagine (oh paranoid realtor) you've a large estate and a portfolio of rental properties - how will Free Planet affect you? Imagine (oh prison food protector) you're the ruler of an Empire Nation like China or USA - how will Free Planet affect you?  Imagine (end-consumer) you think you can, collectively and by tacit agreement with your 'ruling body', rape and pillage and destroy anyone and anything who gets in the way of 'your pre-programmed belief' that 'your personal choice is paramount' - how will Free Planet affect you?
And that's why the reality of a Free Planet is so painful. It's painful because it involves Global Commitment to NO RULERS to NO PRISONS to NO WARS. And that can't be done on an ad hoc or ego-selective basis or the Criminal Cabal who play THE GAME in YOUR CORPORATE NAME will exercise THEIR RIGHT to eradicate you, like an infestation of pin worm.
Of course, there's no easy way to say this, "Free Planet is CURRENTLY a Criminal Act," just try not paying your taxes, just try sneaking past border control, just try plucking the private fruit from someone else's tree. Any single person or group who attempts to set up this so-called (already exists) Free Planet will suffer the wrath of an unjust judicial system that solely supports and protects the Commercial Stagnation of Real Human Creativity.
That's all you need to know about Chicken or Egg, about Free or Planet, "Either EVERYBODY's in, or whoever tries is a LEGITIMATE TARGET."

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