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What Blend Should I Buy? Blendtec Or Vitamix?

By Kathleen77

Having a blender can prove to be one of the best decisions you can ever take. It can make your life healthier, because once you discover the nutritious and delicious juices it’s hard to let them go. These juices can be made from any fruit, a mix of some fruits or from vegetables. The protein you will drink every day will definitely turn your lifestyle into a healthier one.

In order to choose the best blender to buy, there are certain things you have to consider. First, one of the most important features that make a difference between certain blenders is the motor. If the motor is a powerful one, then that means that the blades are powerful enough to blend even the thickest mixes of fruits, a very important feature, because most blenders are used to make smoothies. In order to make a great smoothie , you need a powerful blender that can mix any type of fruits and ice cubes.

There are many useful blenders on the market out there, but it’s widely known that there are two main brands that are the best and that are constantly competing against each other and those are the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I am going to compare them based on more than a single factor, so in the end, you will make your own choice.


First of all, both of these blenders are known for their powerful motor. The Vitamix  has a 3 peak horsepower motor that can crush though anything, meaning that it even allows you to make your own peanut butter at home. Vitamix has 120 volts, 60 Hz 11.5 amps and all of this means that it’s possibly one of the most powerful blenders you can buy. However, all these features do not come cheap, as you need to empty your wallet by at least $400. All in all, it’s worth it.

What Blend Should I Buy? Blendtec or Vitamix?
The Blendtec is not so far behind, as this blender itself has a very powerful motor that has 1100 Watts of power. It also has a specific technology called “Total Crushing” that is designed for crushing fruits and vegetables with a strong exterior such as nuts and peanuts, but also ice. The powerful motor combined with the razor sharp blades makes sure that all the ingredients you add in the container will be crushed and blended perfectly.

Now, they both have powerful motors, but what about the noise level? Well, neither of them excels here, since both blenders are very powerful and make a lot of noise. The Vitamix’s motor makes it sound like you have a war machine and although the razor sharp blades and the motor make sure that all the fruits you add are crushed perfectly; it’s very likely that the whole house will know when you are blending something. The Blendtec doesn’t do all that well itself here, as the noise it makes is, like Vitamix, very likely to wake up every single person in the house. The powerful motor, although very useful, does have its downside. However, if the noise is something that bothers you quite a lot, there are always more expensive blenders with the features of these two, but with a technology that makes sure they are very silence. They are made by the same company, but of course, they are the best blenders to buy.

The battle between the two ultimately comes down to the design. The Vitamix is a heavy, tall blender designed for restaurants mostly. It most likely won’t fit in your kitchen cabinets, which is a shame. The full design is also something that doesn’t really impress, as it’s very industrial-looking and not very appealing. The Blendtec however, has a very beautiful modern look, enhanced by the digital touchpad and the lightweight. Although the fact that it’s quite light in weight might make it jump off your table at times, it’s not such a huge downfall, considering all the benefits this particular blender brings.

So, long story short, there are two main brands of blenders on the market today: the Vitamix and the Blendtec. They are both very powerful, their motors being able to crush through anything, including peanuts and ice cubes. The blades are extra sharp and all in all, the blending experience is amazing. However, if you compare them based on the design they have, the Blendtec definitely is the best blender to buy. But after all, it’s your choice!


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