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What Are Your Next Steps?

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Mdelp


what are your next steps?
Michael Grondahl, the CEO of Planet Fitness, which recently opened their 600th location, commented in an article that more new members join their gym in March than any other month of the year.

(If you would have asked me before I read this article what month is the peak month for new gym sign ups I would have said January which would coincide with New Year’s resolutions.  Now you know not to have me on your Trivia Pursuit team.)

Mr. Grondahl went on to explain they did research to understand why March was their busiest month and it turns out new members tried to lose weight on their own in January and February and only when they became frustrated from a lack of progress did they decide to get a gym membership.

In short, they went looking for their next step.

What are your next steps?

Want to cook a delicious dinner to impress your date/spouse? Great! What’s your next step? (I’m thinking look at cookbooks or websites for ideas, buy the ingredients, follow the recipe, etc.)

Want to improve your finances? Great! What’s your next step? (I’m thinking identify where you currently are financially, read articles on how to pay off your debt faster if that is your weakness or get a raise if that is what you need, etc.)

Have a great idea for a product or business? Great! What’s your next step? If you don’t know what the next step is, that’s okay, that’s what resources such as people, books, blogs, etc. are for.

If, however, you A) can’t identify what the next step is or B) you don’t know where to go to or who to ask for guidance concerning the next step then your project or idea is dead in the water. It’s as simple as that.

I firmly believe there’s no idea that’s too big that can’t be broken down into next steps and no matter how close you are to your finish line even a small problem can derail you if you can’t identify the next step necessary to overcome that problem.

What are your next steps?

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