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What Are Your Favorite Feminist Resources?

Posted on the 19 October 2011 by Juliez

So, as I have mentioned before, I’m writing a book and I want to include the FBomb community in any way I can in accomplishing that task. In fact, you guys already helped me title it and everything.

Well, GOOD NEWS! I found another way to involve everybody. I want to include a “resources” page at the end of the book, in order to direct readers who are new to the feminist movement towards great feminist books, blogs, organizations, movies etc. so that they can further their feminist immersion. And who better to ask about sources of great feminist enlightenment than the readers of the FBomb?!

I’ve already thought of a few, so I’ll kick it off with a few examples:

Full Frontal Feminism (book)

I’ll be honest: I’ve basically pulled out all the stops except writing epic poetry about FFF to demonstrate my love for it. But I have done so with good reason – it’s a great book to hand to people who have just had their feminist click moment, or who might be on the verge of it. Yes, it might have it’s issues (namely, the thin, white woman’s torso on the cover) but overall it’s an awesome read that covers the feminist viewpoint on topics like reproductive rights, pop-culture, violence, education, relationships and more. Definitely an essential first read for feminist newbies. And Jessica Valenti (the author) is a total badass. (blog/website)

I mean, yeah. It’s called That alone makes it a pretty obvious choice as far as introductory resources for the feminist movement goes. But honestly, it’s got some amazing resources. I remember first using it as a source for statistics (which they have plenty of) to use for countering sexist assholes’ arguments that we don’t need feminism anymore. They also have a whole array of columns written by prominent feminist voices (Ask Amy is my favorite. I adore Amy Richards). They also have a whole section where you can find out about feminist events, and turn that feminist theory into action. All in all, definitely worth a visit.

The White House Project (organization)

You may remember a while back I posted an interview with Marie C. Wilson who is the president of the White House Project. That interview is definitely worth a read, because she’s awesome, but let’s focus on her organization. The White House Project’s mission is “to advance women’s leadership in all communities and sectors, up to the U.S. presidency” because when you add women, “you get a nation that responds to challenges by drawing on the strength and wisdom of all its people, women and men.” Especially if you’re interested in politics – or even if you’re just disgusted by the media coverage of female political candidates or the puny numbers of female political candidates in general – this organization is definitely worth checking out.

Okay, now it’s your turn! Please feel free to list your favorite feminist resources in the comments. Literally anything (any type of media, any organization) is fair game.

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