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What Are the Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

By Julia Fernandes @appshub

Cheating generally implies to the breaking of rules. A person who is in love with you can cheat on you just to have fun or increase the number of girlfriends. People generally cheat because they need a change in their existing life style. A love relationship is always based on trust, value and care. If these traits are ignored then a true and sincere relationship cannot sustain. So if a girl wants to have a sincere relationship she should know the signs whether her boyfriend is cheating on her or not. She must look for following signs:

How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

What are the Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Spending Overtime at Work

When a boyfriend starts spending more time on work and does not respond to her phone calls saying he is busy, the girl should become alert. She should keep an eye on the activities in addition to his usual working hours. Sudden business trips and unusual meetings announced by the boyfriend are the signs that need special attention. The girl should try to check his salary statement; it will give a clear picture of whether he is actually working overtime or just telling a lie.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone can be a valuable instrument to catch a cheating boyfriend. If he spends too much time on cell phone, or it remains busy when ever the girlfriend calls him or he spends much time in messaging, then the girl needs to wear her spy glasses. She should try to get hold over his phone, check the contact list, including the list of 'favorites', for suspicious numbers and try to read as much text messages as possible. His phone bill for incoming and outgoing calls and the duration of calls should be checked.

Spending More Time on Internet

If the boyfriend starts spending extra time on internet and is found online on odd timings, and shows increasing interests in social networking sites, new email accounts to which her girlfriend is denied an access, then she should smell some thing bad. She should check his Facebook, twitter, My-space accounts and history on his computer. If he has developed the habit of clearing the history very frequently then he is trying to hide something.

Increased Emotional Distance

If the boyfriend starts avoiding her, does not show up on the time, decreases the frequency of dating and tries to quarrel with her on trivial matters, this is clear indication that he is involved with some other girl. At times girl would feel virtually lonely in his company because he will be giving very cold responses. The warmth of emotions will be diminishing. While being physically with his girlfriend he will be thinking about someone else.

Forgetting Special Days

Generally a guy knows that girls like their special days and feel much excited for being wished and remembered on those days. A boyfriend who really cares about his girlfriend will never forget those special days. The guys have a tendency to forget birthdays and other special days like the day you first kissed or first met or first dated or first made love, but the one who is in true love with a girl will never forget. So a good boyfriend always tries to fulfill his girl's wish. But if he starts forgetting these special days all of a sudden, then he is changing his mind towards someone else.

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