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What Are the Signs of Falling in Love?

By Tapang786

The early stages of a relationship can be incredibly confusing, to say the least. You’ll probably feel puzzled about your own feelings, whilst wondering what the person you’re dating really thinks about you. You may be struggling to decipher your own emotions, not sure if you’re actually falling in love or simply attracted to this new person in your life.

Signs you are really falling in love

1. You discuss doing things or going places in the future. You happily talk about going to an event that’s three months away, because you know that you’ll still be together then. It’s a sign that you’re confident about the relationship lasting.

2. You no longer think about your ex. Things are going so well in your new relationship that you have no need to think about what’s in the past. You’ve moved on.

3. You’ll happily make little sacrifices for them. Whilst you wouldn’t ditch your responsibilities for them, you would cancel lunch with your friends to look after them when they’re sick.

4. You can be weird around them. If you’re comfortable enough to be your most weird self when they’re about, it’s a good sign that you’re falling in love.

5. They’re your go-to person. When something good or bad happens and you want to share the news, they are who you go to first.

6. You’d rather stay in with them than go out. One of the biggest signs that you’re falling in love is that a night in watching on a movie on the couch with them is more appealing than a night out on the town.

7. All their nasty habits seem cute. When you’re falling in love, even their worst habits (chewing on their toe nails, leaving the cap off the toothpaste, etc.), all seem adorable!

8. You miss them after a day apart. A sign that you’re falling in love is that you miss your significant other after just a day apart. It’s a real ache and one that shows you’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker.

Symptoms of being in love

Are you experiencing butterflies, a pounding heart, and loss of appetite, as well as a euphoric high? Then it’s possible that these feelings are symptoms of being in love! Being in love can have a dramatic effect on your body, as well as your mind, causing you to act a tiny bit crazy (as well as ridiculously happy).

The ‘love chemicals’ pumping their way through your system can result in all kinds of side effects, including sweaty palms, light-headedness, and a feeling of increased energy due to the constant rush of adrenaline. Some of the symptoms of being in love can be unfortunate, to say the least, but you’ll put up with them all and so much more for that incredible, delicious feeling of being in love.

The moment you finally realize you’re falling in love with someone is perhaps the most exciting yet terrifying moment you’ll ever experience. Elation, nerves, butterflies, anxiety, and total euphoria all come together, making you wish there was a pause button in life so you could be with them forever as you are right now.

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