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What Are the Manliest Events at the Olympics?

By Dudepins @dudepins

FACT – Not all sports are built the same.

FACT – Some sports are manlier than others.

Sorry dudes, there are some sports out there that just aren’t manly. I don’t want to pick on anything specific, cough…field hockey…cough, but this is just the honest truth. Since the Olympics are on I thought I would do my best to pick the top 5 manliest Olympic sports.

5) Men’s gymnastics

Okay hear me out. These dudes are freak athletes. If you want proof of this watch either the pommel horse or the rings. Once you get past the unitard, the pommel horse is basically break dancing on a two by four that is four feet off the ground and the rings are just insane. These gentlemen who have been forced into unfortunate uniforms can do some serious feats of strength. To prove that this is a manly sport, check out this youtube video of ghetto gymnastics.

4) Wrestling

This isn’t your WWE type of wrestling. No showmanship, no fancy outfits just two stupid strong dudes trying to beat the crap out of each other. What always amazes me is the agility these guys have. Not only can they easily pick up and slam their opponent but duck, dive, roll and general move like a slippery eel in the ring.

3) Weightlifting

The only thing more amazing than seeing a 120kg man toss 200kg over their head is seeing a 60kg guy toss 120kg over their head. That little dude is basically tossing that massive dude over his head! These athletes are not built the same as normal humans.

2) Boxing

Anything that involves punching another person in the face has to be worth your time to watch. The reason why this isn’t number one on this list is because the Olympics focus on point systems oppose to knockouts. This doesn’t mean fighters are pulling their punches but with the extra protection it makes it really hard to get an exciting K.O. finish. The cool thing is how many matches in the variety of weight classes you get to see in short a short amount of time.

1) 100m sprint

Arguably the most exciting 10 seconds of the Olympics. This year was the first year 7 of the sprinters in the final ran sub 10 seconds with Usain Bolt taking the Gold again. The reason why this is so badass is because you get crowned the “fastest man in the world”. The only other time you might hear that is from a vengeful ex.

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