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What Are Terpenes?

By Dudepins @dudepins

With pop culture feeling less and less hesitant about what used to be taboo, CBD and its longstanding benefits have come into picture clearer than ever. So then what are terpenes and how are they beneficial to your overall health?

In case you're new to using terpene-infused products, here's a quick overview of the organic compound.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes Explained
According to their medical definition, terpenes being to a varied class of compounds that are usually found in conifers. Their distinct and strong scent act as the plants' shield or protection against predators in the form of herbivores, and even parasites.

Cannabis terpenes, the "what" of our subject in this post, are responsible for the very aroma of cannabis itself, as well as its flavour. Composed within cannabis trichomes, these are what allow hemp and hemp products to have that exquisite scent that varies depending on the quality of the flower or plant.

Health Benefits Of Terpenes:

Relieves Anxiety
Anxiety or stress build-up, when left unchecked, can be detrimental in that over-worry may cripple you from being able to accomplish your day-to-day tasks well. At the same time, its excessiveness may become chronic and serious. Therefore, to avoid constantly being plagued by anxiety, because after all, daily life is filled with stress and stressors, terpenes can alleviate you from strong feelings of anxiousness and worry. In this manner, you'll be able to continue with your day with a fresh and renewed state of mind.

Eases Body Pains
There have been researches that showed the possible anti-inflammatory effects of these organic compounds. As a result, they're excellent pain-relievers. Headaches, joint and muscle pain, etc. If you quite regularly experience such body aches, instead of turning to artificial medication, terpenes are a good alternative. The plant itself is organic and its aroma will immediately ease these pangs.

Stabilizes Extreme Emotions
Through its calming effect, cannabis terpenes are able to balance out spikes of extreme emotions you feel. The unhealthy kind, if we may put it that way. Sudden fits of rage or depression can be dealt with by terpenes.

Instead of letting these imbalances linger, and eventually, affect your overall emotional well-being and negatively impact your confidence and motivation, a few dabs of a safe dosage is all you'll need.

Treats Insomnia
The fourth benefit you can receive from them is treating insomnia. Having trouble sleeping? And has this been happening more frequently as the days and evenings go? There are dozens of DIY solutions online which you'll find aren't always the best solutions out there, especially when sleeplessness incessantly bugs you routinely.

Hence, turn to terpenes. Similar to aromatherapy, though with a different level of potency, they're an effective sleeping aid. Because of the fact that they have a calming effect (refer to the previous paragraphs), they can assist you in getting your Zs during nights when stress, worry, and other factors stop you from heading to Snoozeville.

Likewise, if you often suffer from sleep disruption, these can offer uninterrupted slumber without leaving you lethargic, drowsy, or fatigued the next day.

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