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What About Email Marketing For Mobile?

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

We all know about email marketing and how much it can help drive business and increase conversions (as well as traffic). We’ve all got our favorite tools to do that, mine is MailChimp, I just love how simple and easy it is – I also love Constant Contact and Litmus (which drives email newsletter testing).

Recently, MailChimp added a bunch of templates for mobile phones and responsive emails (to work on tablet devices and all phones) to ensure the email newsletter always looks professional and amazing. But more than that to ensure it is easy to read, represents your brand well and gets you conversions. This got me thinking a lot about how Ive already made this jump with a number of clients, but all new clients in recent months have still had the “old-style” rigid email – mainly because they live under the misconception that ordinary people still use outlook, where as the reality is that this isn’t always the case even in businesses today. The graphic below (from Litmus) demonstrates the market share of each mail platform.

What About Email Marketing For Mobile? content strategy

Source: Litmus

Still Not Convinced to Design for Mobile Email?

Ok, so you think that the stats above don’t prove anything really and that your demographic doesn’t use mobile email?

You maybe right, you maybe in the “SAGA” over 50+’s niche or something similar where smart phones and tablet computers just aren’t used that much, though they are still used I promise you. But for most companies they aren’t targeting just that group, they are targeting a younger demographic and a good proportion of all of these age ranges uses mobile to view emails from trusted brands.

Here’s another infographic which demonstrates yet more reasons to move to supporting email marketing for mobile.

What About Email Marketing For Mobile? content strategy


Ready To Get Started?

You think it’s time then that we get you going on email marketing for mobile devices?

Sign yourself upto Mailchimp (here) – import your contact list (try with 1999 first, the first 2000 subscribers are free on mailchimp) – follow the directions to send a normal / regular campaign and select a mobile template.

Send it out with the most awesome content you can! and watch the analytics come back with more click-thrus to your site than ever before.

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