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What About David Icke?

By Lambsaved
Frankly, I don’t know what to make of David Icke. Having read through his writings, the allegations he makes of the world’s movers & shakers belonging to an alien race of reptilians who wish to enslave mankind make it sound more science fiction than something I would put in my library to research on comparative religion. Yet today the interventionists (who say entities from outer space populated Earth) are getting more vocal, and if they are dismissed outright without being paid attention to, we’ll regret that arrogance.
What about David Icke?
There are many who discount David Icke and call him a disinformation agent, yet, I think attention needs to be paid to the kind of teaching he has introduced into society, which is heavily immersed with paganism and New Age Theology that in the hoopla of chasing invading reptilian aliens across dimensions one often overlooks. This is what the Christian must pay attention to, what is the message behind the theater.
These kinds of teachings focus on the Matrix, a kind of a digital artificial system that has us enslaved, popularized into everyday consciousness by the movie with the same name. This point is not disputed, after all since the fall from Eden we are trapped in an artificial system where we don’t really belong. What is disputable is how we get out.
We as Christians proclaim that Jesus Christ has beaten this system as he has destroyed the works of the devil. We get out through him - since he is the narrow gate through which we escape. The others systems reject this and highlight other means of escape. It is from this we sort out the wheat from the chaff.
In my opinion, the interventionist must be paid attention to, not in what they say but how they say. Paralleling Christianity in creationism, an unaware Christian can easily be caught off-guard and end up agreeing to their version of creationism that we are not created by God (the Christian God) but other entities from outer space, and here lies the trap.
I would not recommend an average Christian to delve into such topics before they are ready. I’d strongly advise to read the Bible thoroughly and have a solid foundation in Biblical teachings before leaping into the abyss of the kind of information David Icke and his ilk peddle lest you are swayed into accepting the doctrines of demons.
As for me, I’ve just turned down a tea party invitation from the Buckingham Palace.
Credo Mutwa: The African Witch DoctorCredo Mutwa is a man who renounced Christianity to fall back on paganism. He introduces an entity knows as Chituali, a kind of a reptilian beast with a third eye in between the forehead that can kill people (now where have I heard all this before) and feast on us. Such is the dread of this thing (Yes, I call it a thing). There are Biblical verses that talk about such scheme of things that you can start with by learning more about what the Bible calls the Nephilim.
Christians must keep this in mind at all times.No matter what you’re exposed to, you cannot abase yourself before anyone or anything. All authority has been given to Jesus Christ which further has been given down to the Saints. The power is with you not with them!

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