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What a Stupid Comment...

Posted on the 10 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Anonymous sez in response to my Merchants of Death post
Gun manufacturers a part of the problem,,,, REALLY??!?
Thats a really large leap into logic that makes no REAL sense. How can they be a part of the problem. They make a product, knowing full well that they will fall into the wrong hands at times...
Put the blame where it belongs. On the CRIMINAL!
Did anonymous out his thinking cap on before writing that cogent thought?
Thanks for helping to make our point anonymous!
And being stupid enough to have failed to read, or failed to understand if he did read, the original post:
it is easy for gun manufacturers to identify those dealers who may be acting unethically by profiting from the illegal gun trade. However, when gun manufacturer Smith and Wesson sought to establish a code of conduct for the dealers it did business with, the CEO Ed Schultz and the company were vilified by the NRA and fellow gun manufacturers, leading Schultz to resign and the company to abandon its attempt to enforce a code of conduct. Former gun industry lawyer Robert Ricker likewise has noted that the firearms industry is well aware of the diversion of gun to the illegal market and yet has vigorously closed ranks in its attempt to distance itself from any accountability, knowledge or involvement in that market.
In Feb 2003, Ricker made a sworn affidavit which read in part: “The firearms industry … has long known that the diversion of firearms from legal channels of commerce to the illegal black market … occurs principally at the distributor/dealer level … However … leaders in the industry have consistently resisted taking constructive voluntary action to prevent firearms from ending up in the illegal gun market and have sought to silence others in the industry who have advocated reform”.
If we are getting down on criminals, anonymous, then the Merchants of Death
need to be criminally liable for their actions.

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