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What a Flirt the French Brocante Is!

By Coreyamaro

What is up with the brocante? Oh a lot. Always a lot, which is a good thing, I could never say, "Been there done that." Which is by the way something I can hardly stand heaing. I guess I never grow tired of being at the brocante, seeing the old stuff being unpacked, hearing the chatter in the background, "What did you find? How much did you pay? Are you going to sell it? How much? Can you do a better price?"

French Brocante corey amaro French Antique Lace

It is true, you know, what they say, the best way to learn a foreign language is to fall in love. That is how I learned to speak French... at the brocante in France. And while learning French I learned a few more French things: History, culture and occasionally about wine, and flirting. Brocanteurs love to flirt. Harmless, entertaining pass time while seeking out old stuff. 

French Husband is known for buying coffees for brocante dealers. At the brocante flirting isn't  anything more than acceptable amusement. Good humor in the wee hours.

Of course even if there wasn't flirting, I would still go. Go. It is a drug. Living in France with all these brocantes, auctions and "in the know addresses", it is a wonder I can sleep.

French brocante online

Well the French brocante ever became blasé for me?

Seriously I bet not.

I have had this passion since I was 14 when I went antiquing with my mom and Aunt Marie.

Drug of choice.

French Brocante corey amaro Looking Glass

Antiques are the true coquetry teasing me constantly:

"Look closely, come closer, touch me... here I am take hold!"


"Don't you want me?"

And then those words in French. God French is sexy isn't it even if it is talking about brocante (I was going to say junk, but thought I better not... sniff.)

French Brocante corey amaro Bobbin and Portrait

French brocante France Corey Amaro Wine and Roses Painting

The brocante such a lovely place to be, where age is consider the true test of beauty.

The older the better.

Where wrinkles mean rich patina.

Yes brocanting teases us to believe in a beauty that isn't defined to the modern version surrounding us. 

Locket Portrait Frame

Who wakes up at five and shaves, or puts on makeup.

The brocante welcomes all types, crumpled or combed.

It takes you the way you are, seduces, grabs you... and lets you find your delight amongst the collection of old things that still sing.

French Brocante corey amaro Angel Oil on Canvas Painting/pillow

Today I am adding more to my brocante online shop. 

Taking photos of the little bits rarely grabs the soulful feeling, or the ribbons strings that pulled at my heart. How can it? Fabric is meant to be felt. Touching old wares inspires.

Though most of all how the brocante pieces mingle, are spilled out with other like minded brocante pieces creates an atmosphere.

If you are ever in France... I am going to open a little shop and you can come by if you want. Send me an email. I am warning you... the stuff is addicting and you might want to move in just to snuggle up to the bits and pieces of happiness.

When are you coming?

What a Flirt the French Brocante is!
What a Flirt the French Brocante is!
What a Flirt the French Brocante is!
What a Flirt the French Brocante is!
What a Flirt the French Brocante is!
What a Flirt the French Brocante is!

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