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What. A. Complete. Prat.

Posted on the 09 May 2016 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

Oh, now this is getting so very, very silly.  Apart from anything else it is a gross insult on the peoples of the Continental countries that they are so juvenile and uncivilised that without the EU they would go to war with each other, ever again.
He is saying that outside Europe we always end up getting dragged back in to sort out the mess.  Indeed.  I would heartily agree.  But this time 'sorting out the mess' is getting out of the EU (and hopefully accelerating its collapse).  To demonstrate to free European peoples that they do not need the latest in a long line of European demagogues intent on building an Empire of Europe. 
The difference with the EU is that the bureaucrats - who in previous attempts at Empire worked under an inspirational (not in a good way) figurehead - to achieve their narcotic of power, sinecures and fat entitlements.  This time they have cut out the middleman and gone straight for power for themselves. 
And this utterly unaccountable bureaucratic rule is now engendering just as much political and public unrest and economic failure  as every previous Empire builder from Charlemagne to Hitler (ignoring the Romans pro tem).
Also he is fundamentally misunderstanding history.  Europe developed so well because it had competing Nations with different jurisdictions, tax rates and so forth.  Do not forget the 'free movement of people' pre dates Shengen by thousands of years.
And yet again is it left to the UK to spend blood and treasure to sort out the mess. Well, not so much blood this time, and without doubt we will be saving treasure by getting out of the EU and carrying on being good friends with all European peoples and Sovereign nations.
What a silly, silly man he really is.

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