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Wendell Castle's Volumes

By Dwell @dwell
Published to coincide with designer, artist, and visionary Wendell Castle's 80th birthday at the end of 2012, writer Alastair Gordon's biographical monograph of Castle's work is a juicy read, full of hyperbolic forms and insight into the studio of one idiosyncratic thinker. Gordon tells us that "I knew Wendell's work, vaguely, for quite a long time, but became increasingly interested in his biomorphic carved pieces when I was researching another book on psychedelic environments. I saw images of his amazing "Environment for Contemplation" (1969), a womb-like chamber carved from cherry that was part furniture, part sculpture, part architecture, and part hallucination." More on Alastair's journey to discover the man behind the myth; plus, a slideshow of notable Wendell Castle works. Slideshow Castle's Chest of Drawers by Wendell Castle

Here, Castle's Chest of Drawers from 1966, so titled because of its resemblance to the human chest cavity. "I got to meet Castle a few years ago," explains Gordon, "and we talked about work from that period--the pieces that his original dealer Lee Nordness referred to as 'wandering forms.' Evan Snyderman of R20th Gallery in New York was representing his vintage work and through him I was able to look through hundreds of archival photos and publications about Wendell, but it was all quite scattered and ephemeral. So we started talking about a book."

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