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Weltenburger Kloster Pils

By I Think About Beer @ithinkaboutbeer

Weltenburger Pils

Weltenburger Kloster is a Benedictine monastery that has existed for nearly 1,000 years in Bavaria.  It boasts the second oldest known brewery which was founded in 1050 CE and has been brewing continually since its creating, with the exception of 1803 to 1858 when the monastery was dissolved during the Napoleonic era.  Currently, Weltenburger brews a whole host of typical German beers including: Pils, Helles Lagers, Bocks, Weises, etc.

Appearance: Pale gold, off-white head.  Good retention

Aroma: Light maltiness.  Herbal hops with floral notes

Taste: Clean pilsner taste.  Mossy hop nature. Nice, floral hop finish

Overall Impressions: This is a clean and balanced pils with a nice finish.  This is definitely more in the style of a Southern German Pils.  It’s softer than the more hoppy northern style.  Overall, this is a really enjoyable, balanced beer with some great flavor.  Enjoy it on a sunny day or to pair with some good spicy Mexican or some grilled whitefish or shellfish.  I really enjoyed this pils.  It was a nice break from all the big, heavy beers I’ve been drinking lately. Definitely refreshing.

Availability: Weltenburger is importered by S&H Independent Brands.  You can consult with their website to find a local distributor that can help you find the Weltenburger.

4.9% ABV

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