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"Well, That’s Just a Practical Cost-saving Measure, Now Isn’t It?"

Posted on the 23 April 2014 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Matt Walsh is reacting to news hitting the wires today that Canada is shipping medical waste, to include the corpses of aborted babies, to Oregon to be incinerated at a waste to energy facility.

He uses few words but minces not a one:

I don’t have any long tirade for you. I just need you to understand what’s happening here in your one nation under God. We are incinerating slaughtered babies so that we can charge our iPhones and power our televisions.

If we displace a few caribou to build a pipeline, or disadvantage a couple of dolphins to drill for oil, the public outrage cannot be contained. The cries of injustice and eco-treason can be heard across the land. Moloch_child_sacrificeBut using the corpses of dead kids like firewood? Well, that’s just a practical cost-saving measure, now isn’t it?

God help us. And God help the sick, perverted, psychopaths who can’t recognize this for the atrocity that it is. We kill these human beings, can’t we at least treat their bodies with dignity?

I read these stories and I remember the accounts of ancient pagans burning their children alive as a sacrifice to the god Moloch.

These are terrifying times. Don’t let yourself be too buried in piles of Tweets and selfies and Netflix binges to notice that the ship is sinking straight to hell.

In our comfort and our apathy, we scoff and say, ‘ah, it can’t be that bad.’

But it is that bad.

And it will only get worse from here if we don’t wake up.

Let's pretend, for just a moment, we found out California Tiger Salamanders were being shipped to Oregon for burning.  Or Loggerhead Sea Turtles.  Or from Ethiopia, Gelada Baboons.  All listed as endangered species on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife website.  People would be up in arms.  The outcry loud and boisterous and widely covered by the media.


Most won't even blink an eye.  The media will ignore.  And anyone making a fuss over this will be branded an extremist.

Terrifying times indeed.

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