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‘Well-regulated Militia’ is Nowhere in Sight

Posted on the 29 April 2012 by Mikeb302000
‘Well-regulated militia’ is nowhere in sight The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) ran the following op-ed by Bob Elliot
The city at the north end of our cultural-technology corridor put on a sensational fireworks display earlier this month to celebrate the 220th anniversary of the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment being ratified.
It was four months late, but what a meaningful way to recognize how the National Rifle Association (NRA) and others have used that controversial amendment. Actually, it’s not the amendment that’s controversial, it’s the broad differences on how it should be interpreted.
I have family members and good friends who disagree with me, but I’m one of those who believe reasonable gun controls, in addition to being constitutional, would be a huge plus for public safety.
You may have noticed that the 2nd Amendment’s first two phrases focus on the necessity of a well-regulated militia. I believe the Founding Fathers envisioned an organized and well-regulated militia. I can’t believe they had in mind more than 300 million people running around with weapons ranging from small caliber revolvers to assault weapons.
That makes sense to me, how about you? If folks insist on citing the slave-owning, misogynistic demi-gods they reverently refer to as The Founders, they should at least strive to be honest about what they, The Founders, intended.
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