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Well, Duh.

Posted on the 08 October 2019 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From The Guardian:
The drought and water resources minister, David Littleproud, has acknowledged he “totally” accepts that worsening droughts are linked to climate change, as he signalled more taxpayer support for regional communities was coming as Australia’s big dry “escalates”.
Littleproud, who stumbled last month by first telling Guardian Australia he did not know if climate change was manmade, then later clarifying he had always accepted the science on the role humans play in the climate changing, told the ABC on Sunday he understood the link between global warming and drought because “I live it”.

The Guardinistas don't do subtlety or nuance.
Australia as a whole doesn't get much rain, and it appears to have had even less rain in recent years. Which is indisputably a "significant change in weather patterns which might or might not be long-term" or "climate change" for short.
But the article equates "climate change" with "man-made climate change" and so assumes that "minister accepts that climate change exists" to automatically mean "minister accepts that climate change is man-made" (which he was bullied into saying recently, but that's a separate topic), which is one heck of a leap of logic.

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