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Welcome, Year of the Sheep

By Winyeemichelle
Daisybutter - Hong Kong Lifestyle and Fashion Blog: Year of the Sheep, Langham Place Hong Kong

Some notes from Granny Daisy and I on the shiny new Year of the Sheep. It’s time for the annual collaborative post with Granny Daisybutter because it’s 年初一 or, to you, Chinese New Year! While this year’s is altogether a little different than the last, I get to see in the Year of the Sheep (a.k.a. my year! As if I’m turning 24…) in Hong Kong for the first time. Traditionally, Chinese New Year celebrations last for 16 days, with different ‘rituals’ and traditions completed each day. The first day’s is to honour the eldest in the family but I can’t spend mine with my Granny this year, sadly. There’s plenty of other tidbits that we indulge in too -- a new haircut (watch this space), sweet treats, wearing red, not buying shoes for the entirety of the celebration; it’s all so much fun!
As is now tradition, I called up my Granny back in England to get the lowdown on how this Lunar year is shaping up for me and you and it’s not looking too shabby!
Your 2015 Year of the Sheep (as told to me by my Granny and re-interpreted into sense by me!):
Sheep: This is our year, little fellow Sheep. Your life as you know it is finally changing for the better and luck reigns in every area of your life. The things that are going right for you will make the difficulties you face this year much easier to cope with. Love wise, you’ve learned from the challenges you faced in the past year, and subsequently you’ll experience intriguing romance if you’re single – he or she will enchant you and you’ll enchant them, it’s prime storybook material. Money and career wise, there are many opportunities to get ahead and your foot is firmly placed on the career ladder of success. There will be experiences to expand your work and challenge yourself. The positive tone of your life will carry your year through in unique optimism.
Monkey: This Lunar year is all about choice for you. Pivotal choices that will take your life in the direction that you choose. You’ll need to use patience and intuition but if you can master the art of decision making, then this could be a really good year for you. Romance wise, you like to have fun and you could accidentally end up leading someone on this year. Be careful about love and remember respect for others. Be thoughtful, good and kind and your love life will fall into place. Despite the year looking light-hearted for you, work-wise you need to build responsibility and integrity for a stronger foundation for the future. You’re clever, witty and talented, so as long as your decisions are good, things will fall perfectly into place for you. Take charge.
Rooster: There’s a clear route for you this year – follow your heart and do your best. (How vague?!) Strike the right balance between being humble and gracious and being assertive and independent and you’ll be able to focus your year. You are likely to be drawn to someone very charismatic this year but always keep integrity and honesty in mind on the romantic side. Career-wise, you’re drawn to fun careers and this is a good year for you to see what is a good fit for you. Smart and savvy Roosters will have plenty of opportunity to re-centralise their lives and evaluate things this year.
Dog: The Dog acts as the guardian of the Sheep this year and can expect a calm and serene year with less upheaval than the last. There will be fewer trials and tribulations to deal with if you remain optimistic, level-headed and true to your nature. Career-wise, you’ll shine in your industriousness, reliability and skill. It could be an excellent year for you and people will soon see how amazing you are. If you’ve become jaded or cynical recently, this year should soften your opinion of the world, with relationships warmer and finances more secure. Dogs will meet someone who’ll shatter their apprehensions towards love and reliability.
Pig: This Lunar year brings new experiences and new faces to the Pig. There’s a lot to be said for change and you’re advised to keep your eyes, mind and arms wide open. In love, get to know new people on a deeper level – someone special could enter your heart in the spring but only if you give it time. Tap into your creativity and your career will also flourish in the spring, with an exciting opportunity coming just before the summer. Dare to choose between what’s safe and what’s exciting and this year could be unstoppable for you.
Rat: For the Rat, 2015 is a continuation of last year’s – the success you strived for is well deserved so make sure you work hard and don’t let it slip away from you. You might feel reckless enough to push yourself to new heights but be careful. This year looks like a social year for you, and you’ll make friends with lots of interesting people who’ll pull you through tougher times. Rats are likely to invest their fortune this year but go with your heart and personal effort instead of listening to others. Overall, Rats will be deeply submerged in improving their everyday life but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.
Ox: This year is a good time for self-improvement, with all the right people and ingredients together just for you. Concentrate on communication and your natural charm will add some influential people to your arsenal. It’s also a good year for career advancement: reflect on your achievements and consider where you want to go. Don’t rush it and the end results will suit you well. If you’re honest through and through, the Year of the Sheep will bring you success and support. Love and romance will come easily to you, new relationships are strong and existing ones are strengthened.
Tiger: Tigers are in their element this year. You’ll be surrounded by people who complement your talents and that you can thrive off. Just about anything you touch will turn to gold (lol), as long as you’re disciplined and serious in your actions. Don’t get over-confident or reckless with your seemingly good fortune towards the middle of your year. Be wary of fair-weather friends this year who will take advantage of your year to shine. Tigers have plenty of opportunities in their careers to make more, learn more, see a windfall and earn perhaps more than one promotion! Your family life will be very rewarding this year and you’ll grow to become a respected mentor-esque individual. In love, you will reap great joy and fulfillment – despite generally being one to play the field, there will be one special person who intrigues and draws you in.
Rabbit: The cute Rabbit is going to enjoy a year of fun and financial prosperity. The stars have aligned to provide a balance of peace and warmth, leading to stability and security that’ll bring out the best in your. The Rabbit will feel fulfilled in the romance realms: your confidence from other aspects in life radiates through and personal relationships will flourish, thrill and capture. Be compassionate towards your family, find and focus on the good instead of the petty. Career success is possible but it will all depend on your personal ability and decisions.
Dragon: For the Dragon, this Lunar year is a learning experience and a year of growth and good times. While you might usually be ambitious and driven, it might be good to try and go with the flow for a little. You’ll still accomplish plenty, but without the added strain. Be good to yourself this year and focus on your wellbeing. Channel your ambition and passions into your career and you’ll accomplish more there, too.
Snake: The Snake is career-orientated but to achieve greater fulfillment this year, you should separate your personal life and work towards a better balance. Your career achievements this year will be important and great, but learn to take yourself less seriously and enjoy the journey and you’ll grow to better ways. Lucky for you, this year is fairly well mapped out for you and one good decision will lead to another, working out perfectly for you. Stay strong and positive (:
Horse: A whimsical, free spirit, the Horse isn’t sure of their path. This year you’re likely to be seeking a middleground between desire and talent. (Aren’t we all?!) You’ll be a little more realistic towards your goals but this will work in your favour. Career-wise, you’re constantly entertaining the idea of pretty dreams that aren’t realistic, but you’re capable of everything you want and more. This dreamy manner of thinking falls in the love realms too, while flighty, distant and non-commital at times, if you go out and seek the ‘One’, you’re kinda likely to find them. Within your family, others and yourself will realise you are now your best self; appreciative, generous, supportive and encouraging. You’ll become more well-rounded altogether this year, laying stepping stones for incredible success in the second year-half.

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