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Welcome to Wayquay's

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
This is an interesting environment to work in. I do most of my shooting outdoors. This space – a second-hand store a friend runs on weekends – is thus very different from what I'm used to. The light is different, often poor, mostly artificial (the windows are small) and the space is cramped and cluttered. And full of stuff, big stuff, little stuff, in-between stuff.
I suppose it's my job, as a photographer, to find some kind of order. And mostly I do that. While I do move things around a little, for the most part I shoot things as I find them. Of course, I can be very picky about my point of view, as that determines the composition.
And I can't help but wonder how much of this space reflects the personality of the proprietor, and in what way. She's an artist and a singer, and much of the stuff currently in the hop comes from the estate of an artist. Do different second-hand shops have different personalities? They must.
What's the personality of this one? And why is it that chaos of the place somehow seems organic? Because it is?

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