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Posted on the 03 November 2011 by Combi31 @combi31

Thank you for dropping by – We appreciate you visit and welcome your comments so that we, in turn, can learn from you, after all that’s what learning is all about – reciprocity.I have been asked many time – why “Lifelong Social Learning”, as we are more accustomed to seeing the terms separated, either, “Lifelong Learning”, or “Social Learning” – we personally believe that virtually all learning that takes place – and here we mean real learning – when we are interacting socially – in as much as ‘socially’ meaning communicating and collaborating with others to produce learning.Put simply – we believe that it is very difficult to learn in isolation and alone – although part of the process could well be achieved in this way – any effective and meaningful learning usually occurs when we interact with others.The other important aspect is the fact that we are condemned from a very early age to learn for the rest of our lives – OK, condemned sounds a bit strong and maybe slightly negative, but this is not meant in this way.

Basically, the belief goes that learning is a lifelong process that usually begins after we leave school to the day that we die – although we may not always be conscious of the fact that we are learning.A great deal of this site is given over to a number of themes that can usually be classed in the personal development basket:

  • Lifelong Learning
  • Coaching
  • Soft Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Language Learning
  • Stress Management
  • Managing Priorities
  • Self development

We hope you enjoy this blog and welcome guest blogger posts that fit into the general subject vein and philosophy of our blog – if you would like to write a guest post and get recognised for this – then talk to us.

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